Poppy Wall Hanging Free Crochet Pattern

I’ve been crocheting a lot of baby and children’s items lately, I’ve just been a little obsessed! I can’t help it, all these gorgeous little projects are making me SO happy!

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Today, I have a fun wall hanging that would be perfect in a modern nursery or kids room! It’s fast and super easy to stitch too! So, you can whip your Poppy Wall Hanging up in just a few hours.

This Wall Hanging is SO Easy!

I feel like I should have a studio audience that replies, “How easy is it?!”

Well, my friends, it’s SUPER easy! In fact, it uses just two stitches. Two.

Half Double Crochet


Slip Stitch

That’s it! From beginning to end, that’s all you have to know! EASY! I even have a video tutorial HERE! Whilst you are there, make sure you subscribe to my Youtube Channel!

But what about that yarn?

The yarn totally makes this project. I chose to use Hobby Lobby’s Yarn Bee Turin Yarn.

It was really just all about the color and gradient for me. I mean…look at this:

If it weren’t for that I would have stuck with something else. Any super bulky yarn will work perfectly, you might not be able to get the same gradient look that I have here, but you’ll get all that amazing texture!

The pattern below is a recipe, so, honestly, any yarn will work! I would love to see this in Red Heart Super Saver Ombre or even in a gorgeous solid yarn! How cool would that be? Like a nice cream color…OOOH!…or black for a modern space?

How do you get that texture?

When working the HDC/Sl St Crunch Stitch, you create this amazing horizontal texture. I truly love this stitch and use it quite often. I even filmed a quick youtube tutorial which you can see below:

The Poppy Wall Hanging is made by crocheting a length of chain and then working rows until the piece is your desired width. Because it is worked side to side, you can make it as wide or as slender as you’d like! Just stop when you feel like it!

I chose to hang my Poppy from a large double ended tunisian crochet hook I had hanging out around the house. You can also use a dowel, metal rod, or anything like that!



US size M 9mm Crochet Hook
1 Skein Hobby Lobby Yarn Bee Turin (or about 300 yds of any super bulky yarn)
Tape Measure
Tapestry Needle
Dowel or Rod for Hanging

Finished Measurements:

16.5 inches wide and 22 inches long (excluding fringe)


8 sts and 8 rows = 4″


Ch = Chain
Hdc = Half Double Crochet
Sl st = Slip Stitch
Sc = Single Crochet


Wall hanging is worked side to side, beginning with a long chain and working the total width of the wall hanging. If you want a shorter wall hanging or a thinner wall hanging simply work less stitches and less rows, respectively.

Poppy Wall Hanging Pattern

With desired yarn and hook, make a chain to measure about 22 inches, making sure to end with an even number of stitches.

Row 1: Hdc in 3rd ch from hook, sl st in next st, *hdc in next st, sl st in next st.

Row 2: Ch 2 (does not count as a st here and throughout), hdc in first st, sl st in next st, *hdc in next st, sl st in next st; rep from * across.

Rep Row 2 until Wall Hanging is desired width. Fasten off.


You can do this in two different ways:

  1. Simply attach your rod to your wall hanging using a few stitches.
  2. Single Crochet into the row ends and around the hanging rod.

I chose to do the second option because I really loved the finished look and feel it gave.

Add fringe and trim.

And that’s it friends! You have yourself a gorgeous modern wall hanging! I love the Poppy Wall Hanging and have mine displaying proudly in my studio! It was so fun and easy to stitch up. I can’t wait to make a couple more. If you end up stitching one of these up make sure you tag me on Instagram @rohnstrong or head to the Rohn Strong Maker’s Community on Facebook!


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