Premier Yarns Sweet Roll…Sweet Deal!

Hey Y’all!

So, a few months ago you may remember that I designed a whole slew of patterns celebrating the launch of Premier Yarns Sweet Roll! It is still on of my favorite color changing yarns. The endless possibilities make designing a fun and challenging endeavor. Furthermore, all those colors make crocheting a simple hat easy as pie!

Well, Premier Yarns and Joann’s have extended a little information to me to share with y’all!

Premier Yarns Sweet Roll will be on sale for the price of 3 balls for $10 from February 19 to February 25. This is a significant discount from the regular retail price of $4.99. 3 for $10? What a steal and what a great time to stock up and get ahead on this years gift making!


You can either catch this deal in stores or online here. Make sure to stock up! Sales like this don’t come along every day!

Talk soon y’all,


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Black Friday Has Come Early!!

Sometimes…well…I get a bit excited.

For some odd reason I thought TODAY WAS THANKSGIVING.

I blame the lack of a calendar in my house. Que sera sera.

I’ve decided to start our Black Friday sale early! So…starting Today, November 17th and running through next Friday November 26th, all the patterns in my shop are available for 75% off!


So go! Stock up! This is the LAST sale of the year and the only chance some of y’all will have to stock up on our returning favorites!

That’s right…I’ve brought back ALL of the retired patterns previously retired.


No coupon code is needed, simply add the patterns to your cart and you’ll be all set!

Happy Shopping!


A Cowl for the Candy Lovers!

$2 Pattern Price is only good for the first 100 people! Get them while they’re here…chances are by the end of the day, they will be gone!


This cowl, inspired by the golden leaves of fall, is an homage to my love for that strange confection…that’s right boys and girls…candy corn.

What is more iconic and more ‘octoberish’ than a big bowl of rock hard candy corn that your grandmother has had sitting on the table in the same candy dish for six years. Or is it sixty?


This cowl is worked in the round from the bottom up in a chevron/flame stitch accented with little candy corns. The cowl is quick enough to be worked up in a weekend or one sitting of your favorite holiday movie.

The pattern is fully charted and easy to customize. Want a longer cowl? Work more repeats. What a wider cowl? Work more rows!

It really is that easy.

Purchase the pattern here for just $2.00 and be one of the only 100 to get this pattern for this price!

Happy Halloween!


SWEET ROLLS! And a Free Pattern (Or Two)

Who’s ready for a free pattern…OR TWO!

Premier Yarns and I worked together to design a few patterns using my FAV new yarn of the fall, Sweet Rolls!

Sweet Rolls combine 3 different, but complimentary colors in each ball! The yarn is designed to create wide stripes in a regular repeat (meaning it is not a crazy variegated). It is sort of a gradient yarn except it doesn’t slowly change colors. Think of it like working with three different colored yarns but never having to join a new color which means…NO ENDS TO WEAVE IN!

Sweet Roll is the classic worsted/medium weight yarn in a gorgeously soft 100% acrylic yarn. Each ball comes with 245 yards which is more than enough to make a couple of hates. The colors offered range from pastels to bright feminine to masculine! There is something for everyone.

The yarn is now available in most Joann stores around the country. I popped into mine here in Raleigh and found it right away! I even picked up a few skeins to add to my collection.

You can also pick up the yarn online here! Now, Premier Yarns has offered us a coupon code! STRONG10 This will give you readers 10% off any purchase at, and it is valid through October 31, 2016! Just click here!

I designed a Crochet Hat Pattern that is worked from side to side…perfect for beginners (click the photo for more info and to grab the pattern):


And a Knit Slipper Pattern that’s super fun and easy to make (click the photo for more info and to get the pattern):



Echeveria and Crimson

As part of my recent Aster collection, Echeveria and Crimson Brocade, are perfect additions to an already spectacular line up of shawls. You can purchase them here for just $5 each OR purchase the entire collection for only $10!


Both of these shawls are worked from the center out beginning with only a few stitches and working your way out to the edge. While both look super complicated they offer plenty of rows to catch your breath, just when you need it most. They use only one skein of sock yarn each, shown in gorgeous colors of SpaceCadet Yarns!

You can get the whole collection here on Rav!



Aster, the new collection!

The entire collection can be purchased for just $10 on ravelry, a savings of $10 or 50%! That price will only last for a week, however. After that it will return to full retail at $20. You will not see a price like this again this year, I can almost guarantee it. So, head to ravelry and grab this deal before it’s gone!

Fall brings with it a whole slew of knitting and crochet projects. Sweaters, shawls, and hats occupy our hooks and needles which have been mostly empty all summer long.

We long for thick afghans and warm socks. It is just the nature of our craft.

This fall, for me anyways, brings with it another something special. Change. This year has been quite transformational and something I didn’t really expect. I decided to stop designing full time and focus on going back to school. Through this I’ve found something very special.

While I love crochet and knitting, I wasn’t ‘in love’ with it.

That sounds like the beginning of a cheesy rom com but, truthfully, I just wasn’t in love with designing like I used to be.

After a short break from everything. A bit of a breather. I’ve found that I do, in fact, love what I do. I just was doing too much of it too fast.

I kind of think of it like cake. I love cake. I love all cake. Cheesecake. Apple Cake. Carrot Cake. Chocolate Cake. All the cakes. BUT I know that if I ate cake every day for every meal I would hate it, eventually. This is all hypothetical because I could never hate cake, ever. 

With my bit of a break I was able to catch up on finished projects that needed attention. Thus…ASTER!


Aster is a collection of 4 crochet shawls. Each one will be released within the next four weeks in order of difficulty. Each of the shawls encompass my crochet journey from beginner to advance.

We begin with Sunny Almog, a top down triangle shawl worked in filet crochet with a few shells here and there. The shawl itself is deceptively simple making it perfect for working with variegated or gradient yarn.


Each of the shawls are worked in a gorgeous yarn/colorway from the incomparable SpaceCadet Yarns. Stephanie and I have been working on this project for far too long to not share it with y’all! We’ll talk more about that later!

The shawls that will follow feature all over pattern, lace, and even a few pineapples! The last shawl is an all encompassing shawl worked in the most genius of methods sure to surprise and delight you.


The entire collection can be purchased for just $10 on ravelry, a savings of $10 or 50%! That price will only last for a week, however. After that it will return to full retail at $20. You will not see a price like this again this year, I can almost guarantee it. So, head to ravelry and grab this deal before it’s gone!

And because I love y’all…I wanted to give you a sneak peek at next week’s shawl…



On Writing A Book


When I sat down to write the first words of my new book, I went blank.

As blank as blank can get.

The page looked at me with monstrous intentions. It taunted me. Mocked me.

For a week it stared at me, daring me to put one word on the page. Knowing that one word would quickly be erased. The blankness consuming once again.

What changed that?

Honestly, I don’t know. I just sat down one day and started writing. I wrote as much as I could in one day. Something in the realm of ten thousand words. Of which, nearly fifty percent were deleted in the first rounds of edits.

The other half were cut in half again during the second round.

In the end what was 30,000 words were dwindled down to just over 10,000. That in addition to the twenty patterns I had to design.

Don’t get me started on those.




I’ll tell you that story another day.




Crochet is Weird!


Crochet is weird.

There I said it.

It really is weird though. Think about it. We stack little knots on top of each other to make something out of string. We use a stick and a bit of string to make something beautiful. Sometimes strange but all the same, beautiful.

I often wonder what I would be creating if I hadn’t found crochet. It is the ultimate form of self expression. At least for me it is.

I make socks, sweaters, coasters, wash rags, afghans, dog sweaters, and even a rug or two.

All with just some sticks and string.

Crochet is weird, isn’t it?


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A Year In Review-ish


This year has been something of a roller coaster. From losing my mother in law this time last year, to gaining an extra mouth to feed, filming a craftsy class, writing a book, and designing full time…I think I am just now seeing the trees through the forest.

Is that how the saying goes?

Anyways, I always like to take a look back at the year and see how things have changed. To see how everything worked out (or didn’t). What better day than today?

With the death of my MIL, brought a new set of challenges but it also brought a renewed focus to my life. I realized just how short life was and how insane it can be at times.

To say that the death was life altering, is true in more ways than one.

After the death and subsequent events, I filmed my class Learn to Crochet Socks and Learn to Crochet Easy Hats. Both of which are incredibly successful over on the Annie’s website.

I wrote (well am still writing) my book with Interweave, Step Into Crochet, and love that process. If I could just write one book a year, I would be as happy as a clam.
I also managed to fit in a few new designs, launched a sock club, a popular crochet sock group on Facebook, as well taught around the country.

Craftsy called and I filmed a class with them, which also focuses on crochet socks.

Then I decided to shift my focus and go to school to study scientific illustration and native plants in hopes to bring awareness to the dwindling cactus population. Which you will be able to read about more on my soon to be launched blog and website.

With all that going on, what did I learn?

To relax.

This year taught me that I am a bit too uptight when it comes to certain things. Foremost my personal life. That, however, is another story.

I learned to not get too stressed out about my designs being perfect or about finding the next cutting edge thing.

Now I let life happen and I embrace everything as a moment in time. Perfection is a great goal to strive for but not something I need to waist my time stressing out about.

All in all it has been a revolutionary year, and I look forward to the next.



Socks…every which way but loose!

Most, if not all, of you know that I am a bit obsessed with Crochet Socks. It’s not my fault, really. I am a crochet sock evangelist. It is in my blood.

These past two weeks I started a few college classes and I fell everyone about crochet socks. Everyone. I think I might become known as the ‘crazy crochet guy’ if I’m not too careful…but then…is that such a bad thing?

I didn’t think so either.

This week I get to announce the winner of our Seaside Shells Pattern from last week! It was Debbie Thurmond! Debbie, send me an email or Facebook message and I will get the pattern to you!



I also wanted to let y’all know about two exciting things! First, we have a new pattern coming next week. It is a toe up sock with a square toe, all over extended single crochet, a toe up heel flap, AND a long cuff, which makes these easy to fit to a wide variety of feet!


Theres something special about these though. I don’t make one penny from the sale of the socks. Not one. Every penny earned is then given. The cost of the pattern is a bit higher than normal, $5, but I wanted to be able to make as much money as I could on this fundraiser and I know that y’all will pull through!

All the proceeds will benefit, a youth shelter out of Denver. Last year, we raised enough money to buy 1800 pairs of socks for teens that are currently homeless. Most homeless teens have been abused by family members or others. No one chooses homelessness over a happy home life.  If you want to learn more about the statistics, click here.

Socks are one of the most needed items in shelters. We can show these teens that someone out there is caring about them, when the world seems to be against them.


I know what you’re thinking…why not just make the socks for the young men and women and send those? Well, that doesn’t often work. The socks just don’t last as long as commercial socks and while the gesture is appreciated it is not a practical way to look at the situation.
So, click here, to preorder the pattern, it will be released in full next week! Share with your friends, spread the word, let’s raise as much money as we can! The more money we raise the more homeless teens we will be able to help!
Lastly, I wanted to let y’all know that Rohn Strong’s Crochet Sock Club is going strong! We’ve had THREE designs (one the first month, and two the second) uploaded and people are loving them. If you would still like to join, click here, and you’ll get a few dollars off the retail price!
Thanks y’all!
Have a great week!

Summer Socks are Super + Giveaway!

Socks. Socks. Socks.

Everything I do lately is somehow related to socks…I think I’m addicted! Send help…or just sock yarn. Either way…I’m ready!

This week I have a NEW-ish sock pattern! The Seaside Shells Socks.


Why new-ish? Well, it was published as part of my Greenway MCAL, but you had to choose just the right options to get this exact sock AND I loved it so much I just decided it needed to be its own pattern with its own yarn and that would be that.

So, here’s the Seaside Shells Socks!

The socks are worked toe up with a star toe (comfy as all get out), a strong heel (comfier as all get out) and a single crochet ribbed cuff (comfiest as all get out). The all over shell lace stitch is easy to work and super stretchy.

The heel is something I’m REALLY happy with. I wasn’t sure if it would work…and for a minute it didn’t. Then it did. I’m beyond happy.

Seaside Shells are already getting a lot of love on Ravelry and Craftsy where you can purchase the pattern for just $4.50 a whole $1.00 off the retail price. I’m a sweetie pie like that.

If you have any doubts that crochet socks are pretty, summery, and comfy…these will change your mind. I hope.

Grab your copy of the pattern today and crochet on!

Comment on this post to win a copy of this pattern! I’ll be choosing the winner next week…when I have ANOTHER PATTERN FOR YOU ALL!



New Pattern…and a Couple of Kits!

One in a while we designers have to admit a big secret…

We didn’t get it right the first time.

Or at least, we could have done it a touch better.

That’s how I’ve always felt about my Candied Crossbones socks. While they’ve been the most popular crochet sock pattern I’ve designed, to date, a few things irked me after awhile.

The yarn wasn’t the right yarn for the design, the heel was an (GASP!) afterthought style, and the yardage didn’t work for most. Last year, I was contacted by Craftsy to work on a couple of kits featuring their new yarn, however this meant I needed to restitch the socks.

It was the perfect opportunity to change things up!

That’s exactly what I did!

Introducing the NEW and IMPROVED Candied Crossbones Sock Pattern!


These socks are worked from the cuff down, just like the classic design! The cuff is a bit shorter to save on yardage (a concern for some crocheters) and I changed the heel to an afterthought heel. The body is still in extended single crochet with a star toe.

What’s all this mean?

A new and improved fit that works for a wider number of crocheters! The sizing is for Small, Medium, and Large but making adjustments is super easy, and I encourage you to do so!

Don’t fret, if you want the afterthought heel instructions and the classic full length leg, you’ll still have access to the original pattern! So, it’s like getting two patterns for the price of one!

Pick up the pattern here for just $5.00! 



Who’s Ready for a Crochet Sock Club?

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 10.45.17 AM.jpg

I’ve been teasing y’all every now and then…but it is definitely happening! I have officially started my Sock Club!

Until the end of day on Thursday I am offering the entire club for just $12.50! Just add it to your cart, no coupon code needed!

We’ll be featuring fun and exciting yarns from companies like Unplanned Peacock Studio, Premier Yarns, Lion Brand Yarn, Cloudborn Fibers, SweetGeorgia Yarns, and Classic Elite Yarns!

We will also have CALs for each sock along the way!—2016

Share this post with your crochet friends and let’s get crocheting!

Join me for SIX months of fun and innovative crochet socks that will test your hook and thoughts of what crochet socks can be! We will focus on modern and wearable sock designs from one of the best crochet sock designers out there…ME!

I’m humble…can’t you tell!

This club will lead us right up to the 2017 Crochet Sock Club which will also feature some new and exciting info from my forthcoming crochet sock book with F&W!

So, who’s ready to join me for a fun an exciting crochet sock club? You can join at any time and you’ll get all the past patterns as well as any future patterns.

Until the end of day on Thursday I am offering the entire club for just $12.50! Just add it to your cart, no coupon code needed!

The first pattern will be released this Friday, July 1st and is called Bluebell. I designed a toe up sock using a square toe and featuring two of the best crochet stitches for socks, linked half double crochet and extended single crochet.

Full pattern and photos will be released on Friday!

And…if you promise to keep a secret…I have a few extra patterns that I’ll be throwing in here and there over the next few months!

You can pre-order the full collection here or if you just want to try out one pattern…you can do that here!

Let’s get crocheting y’all!



Free July Sock CAL!



Hey Y’all!

It’s been a few days so I wanted to jump on and share some EXCITING news!

Last Thursday I was on Marly Bird’s podcast. We chatted about everything crochet including my new crochet book, my current anniversary sale, and a new Crochet Sock group I’ve started on Facebook!

I wanted to touch on the latter a bit more!

The Facebook group is called, Crochet Sock Addicts! and will be everything crochet sock related! I’ll be offering exclusive patterns, support, coupons, and more! If you’d like to just go ahead and join…you can do that here! Read more about the group in this post. 

To celebrate the group we are going to be kicking it off with a Crochet Sock Along. The pattern for which I’m going to share with you today!


I designed and published these socks a few years ago with Inside Crochet. I loved them and actually crocheted TWO pair in two color ways in my size…which is no small feat! I wear a size 15, so crocheting socks for myself is a journey…to say the least.

These socks are great fun and pretty simple. They work with self striping yarns, variegated yarns, and solid yarns! They do use a bit more yarn than a single skein because of the post stitches but they fit like a dream and the post stitches help give the sock a big shot of stability!

I’ve worked this in two different sock yarns in different fibers to see if it would work. They worked SO well!


This pattern is usually $5.00 but if you join my facebook group I’m going to be offering the pattern for free! You just need to head to Facebook and join the group…you’ll see the post, download the pattern, and get ready to get started!

The CAL will begin on July 1st and run through August 1st.

This will give you some time to download the pattern, buy your yarn, and swatch a bit to get started!

If you want to join in, just join my Facebook group here and download the pattern!

Let’s do this!



Hear me Ramble On…LIVE!



Hey y’all!

Exciting news today. Well…if you’re into that sort of thing.

I’m going to be on the Yarnthing Podcast with Marly Bird! Just head to this link here and listen LIVE for your chance to win a special prize! Don’t worry though…if you can’t make it live you can always listen to the recorded show and enter to win a prize on Marly’s website!

The show will have all the specific details…all you need to know is to tune in at 12pm EST and listen to us ramble on!

Later y’all!



A New Facebook Group for Crochet Sock Addicts!


Hey y’all!

Happy Wednesday…I hope y’all are enjoying the week as much as I am. Today is about as gorgeous as a Southern Summer can get. Carolina blue skies, low humidity, eighty degrees, and an incessant squirrel that wants to break into my outdoor office more than I want a candy bar.

Anyways, I wanted to pop on here and let y’all know that I have started a new Facebook group! A special group all for crochet sock addicts like me


All you need to join is head on over to Facebook and request to join. I will personally approve everyone and am also serving as the moderator.

What’s so special about this group? Well, I’ve noticed that a lot of crocheters don’t have a forum just for socks that they can hang out on while pursuing Facebook! We will have Crochet Alongs, share free and pay for patterns, inspiration, yarn love, and even what tools we love for sock crocheting!

I’ll be sharing group only discounts, book exclusives, class deals, and even giving personal advice to anyone who needs it!

Join in on the fun over on Facebook and let’s get crocheting!



It’s My Anniversary!


So…I’m celebrating something fantastic! It’s my anniversary! Today in 2011, I decided to design! I started doing a bunch of research and it led me to right here and now! How awesome is that?

It was in December of 2011 that I would publish my first pattern…Sparro!


To celebrate I am offering a HUGE SALE!

For the next 10 days (June 7th through June 17th) I am offering every pattern in my Ravelry Shop for only $1.00! How awesome is that? No coupon code needed, just add as many to your cart as you want! On June 17 all of my patterns will go back to their standard pricing.

I won’t be offering another sale like this for quite some time so now is your time to stock up. A few of you were able to cash in on the deal starting at the beginning of the month but this is my official announcement!

Head to my Ravelry Shop here and stock on up!

Thanks y’all,



Learn to Crochet A Hat!

7459.jpgFirst things first…the winner of my Craftsy class! Congrats to Alaxandra L! I’ve already contacted her. Thank y’all for playing along!

Now…onto the actual blog post!

Remember my blog post, Learn to Crochet a Shawl? When I announced my new line of patterns, Singles?

Singles are specific patterns available via Ravelry that are perfect for beginners to take their skills to the next level. Each will focus on a different technique!

This week we have a really cool hat, Ruga. A perfect three season hat (maybe four depending on where you live) that is versatile, unisex, and really fun to work up! Did I mention it is only ONE DOLLAR.

You can get the pattern here for just $1.00!


Crochet hat’s are a perennial favorite. They tend to be the second or third thing we learn to crochet and they are a lot of fun.

However, one of the scariest steps for crocheters is to go from working flat (back and forth) to working in the round. That, combined with decreasing/increasing, pattern stitches, and changing colors can make a lot of hats challenging.

I wanted to counter that by making a fun and fashionable hat that is worked flat! Yup! FLAT.

The hat uses an older yarn that is no longer in production but that’s okay. You just need a DK weight yarn. Something in between a fingering weight yarn and a worsted weight yarn. As long as everything matches up gauge wise…you’ll be good to go.

Gauge is the measurement of stitches and rows per inch.

The fun stitch is inspired by one of my FAVORITE plants and the colors just happen to be that of one of my fav college football teams. You can make it in your favorite colors, though.

You can get the pattern here for just $1.00!

I hope you share this post with all of your friends!

Keep Crocheting!



A New Week and A Craftsy Class Giveaway!

Written by Rohn Strong

It’s Monday! I LOVE Mondays. The excitement of welcoming a new week in is always a thrilling concept.

This week I’ve lot’s to work on. I need to find models for photo shoots, finish up a few designs for the new magazine, finish a sample or two for Craftsy kits, a tentative weekend photo shoot, and that is just on the crochet/knitting side of things.

I’m going to live by my planner this week, which is a fancy combination of internet printouts and a three ring binder. Who needs a bullet journal?


With that said…I hope y’all have any amazing week! I want to make this week one to remember so I’m giving away a copy of my Craftsy class, Crochet Socks: Essential Techniques!


If you’re looking to learn how to crochet socks, up your crochet sock game…or just want to learn some cool stitches and ribbing options, this class is for you! Crochet cozy socks both toe-up and cuff-down! Discover the go-to techniques you need for toe-riffic heels, toes, measurements and more.

Just comment on this post to enter to win!! I’ll choose a winner and announce them on Monday’s blog post next week!

Good luck y’all!



Learn to Crochet a Shawl!


Happy Thursday y’all!

Today, I have a really cool new thing to share with you. For awhile I’ve wanted to do a series of patterns that are fun, quick to stitch, and great for learning new techniques. I get to do that now!

Introducing – Singles!

Singles are going to be specific patterns available on via Ravelry that are perfect for beginners to tale their skills to the next level. Each will focus on a different techie and the pattern will include LOTS of information about that technique.

This week we have a really sweet shawl, Camellia. Named for the strong flowering plant…this shawl will stand up to the rigors of spring, summer, fall, and winter. It is a versatile piece, made in a popular yarn…and only ONE DOLLAR.

You can get the pattern here for just $1.00!


There is something special about crochet shawls, amiright?

They are perfect for spring, summer, fall, and winter. They are a great way to show off that special skein of yarn. Not to mention…they make every outfit a bit brighter.

However…want to know why I love crochet shawls?

They are perfect for learning new techniques, don’t take all that long, and look gorgeous in the end. This shawl will definitely take you from beginner to advanced beginner overnight. If you can crochet a granny square…you can crochet this shawl.

I need to clean my desk…

This shawl is worked from the top down beginning at the back of the neck and working your way out. The overall stitch is one you may be familiar with, a modified granny triangle stitch. Modified in that it’s a lot lacier. What’s this mean? Not only is it great for this time of year, but it uses only a tiny bit of yarn.

How much?

Just two skeins of Deborah Norville Everyday Worsted. However, you can use any worsted weight yarn you’d like! Red heart? Yup. Vanna’s Choice? Yup. Caron Simply Soft? Yup. Cascade 220? Yup.Just make sure you have about 250-300yds of whatever yarn you choose.

Any worsted weight yarn will work. The pattern itself is less about the yarn than it is about the hook. You need a larger hook, it’s a must. The larger the hook the lighter weight the shawl will be overall.

Remember, when crocheting shawls use a hook size 3-4 sizes larger than that recommended on the ball band. 


The overall shawl size is the perfect size at a 48in. wingspan. The depth is close to 14in. from the neck to the point. The shawl could be made larger, or smaller, depending on what you’d like! A rose petal inspired border is added to give the shawl a finished and classic appearance!

The shawl itself was inspired by the botanical gardens I visit every weekend here in North Carolina.

You can get the pattern here for just $1.00!

I hope y’all will share this post and this pattern!


A New Mystery Crochet Along

Each year I host a fun and exciting Mystery – Along. I usually alternate between knitting and crochet to let all of y’all have a little something! Not that it always goes as planned.

Well…its that time of year!


Here are the previous years Mystery Along’s:

Roseroot (knitting)

Fall Garden (crochet)

Modern Granny Shawl (crochet)

Spring Thaw (crochet)

Josephine (knitting)


This year is all about crochet! And Because I am something of a crochet sock expert (or addict…depending on how you look at it) I decided socks were the way to go!


Here are some of the details:

The full pattern can be purchased here!

I’ve teamed up with Happily Hooked Magazine once again to bring you a fantastic spring pattern to get those crochet juices flowing and to inspire.

This time, things are going to be a bit different. What do I mean? Well, you will be the designer! Yup! We are FINALLY hosting a Choose Your Own Adventure Mystery Crochet Along! WOOHOO!

What’s that mean? Well, each week you’ll get two options to follow, A or B! You make the decision and then crochet away! I will walk you through everything you need to know with my expert crochet sock instruction.

Make sure you join the Facebook Group here to get one on one access with me!

What do I get?
You will receive the full pattern on May 16t with the release of the final update. When purchasing before the start date of May 2nd you will not receive a pattern, the download is just an outline of the schedule, yardage and gauge.

The pattern will be written out, charts will be provided if needed but the stitches we use don’t necessarily need charts.

Get started on May 2nd when the first clues are delivered, in the meantime have fun picking out your yarn and swatching.

When will I get the next clue?

The schedule for clues is as follows:

May 2nd – Clue 1
May 5th – Clue 2
May 9th – Clue 3
May 12th – Clue 4
May 16th – Clue 5

You’ll receive a PM in your Ravelry inbox and an email when the update is ready to download (you need to turn on Ravelry messages if you have them turned off because they aren’t subject to spam filters the way email is). Be aware that when I initiate an update it enters a queue and can take several hours before they all arrive. Please be patient when you see that the first people have received theirs, yours is on the way!

What yarn should I use?
I’ve listed the recommended yarn with links to purchase. I’ve taken care to choose hard wearing and affordable yarns that work with these socks perfectly. However, you can choose whichever yarn you want, as long as you get gauge.

Should I swatch?
Yes, but just because this is a sock that you need to make sure fits you and your measurements. If you match the general gauge I am giving you, you’ll be set.

Sharing the Adventure
I LOVE seeing all of your finished projects. So, head on over to Facebook and join this group. We’ll be chatting LIVE each day to announce the new clue and help y’all with any questions that may come up.

How difficult is it?
If you can single and double crochet, you’re good. The overall patterns aren’t that difficult at all, with just a bit of decreasing and increasing.

Not Sure About A MCAL?
The mystery format might not be for you and that’s ok, but here are answers to a couple of common areas of pickiness. I don’t want to give too much of the design away but there are a couple of options for each sock, one more feminine and one more masculine. But these socks can even be made in plain Extended Single Crochet if you wanted! The overall socks are very in tune with who I am as a designer. Classic with a fun and flirty contemporary spin.

Keeping It a Mystery
This Mystery CAL will move along at a nice clip. With that in mind, we don’t really need to be too worried about this! Share away!

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