Strong Heel Socks | An Easy Pair of Crochet Slipper Socks

My Strong Heel Socks – a free pattern here on the blog – are a simple pair of slipper crochet socks perfect for first time sock stitchers!

Read through my inspiration, design process, and lots of info on crocheting the perfect pair of slippers, or scroll on down for the FREE PATTERN.

The Inspiration

That’s it. I’m calling it. We’re done.

We’ve done just about all we can. We’ve got three days until Christmas is here and, let’s be real, if we ain’t got it yet we ain’t gettin’ it.

Santa can just forget that last trip to the toy store. Tell him to swing by JOANN instead. We need some Lion Brand Yarn Touch of Alpaca. We’re about to get our slipper sock on.

Okay, all jokes aside. This time of year I always tend to lose myself a little bit. I get stressed and overwhelmed trying to stitch all the things and, in the end, I just feel burnt out.

How do I remedy that?

I stitch something for myself. Right now, I’m working up a pair of my Rudd Socks, a quick and simple to stitch single crochet slipper sock perfect for last minute gifting – to myself.

The Design Process

Most of my patterns are offered in many sizes to make them as inclusive as possible. Here’s the deal. Socks are incredibly personal. They don’t always fit, it can be super frustrating to get them just right, and sometimes we just need someone to tell us how to make a sock that fits us…every time.

Now, I know what you’re saying. “Rohn, but I want to make these for other people.”

I have plenty of patterns for that. This sock design is meant to take you through the process of making the sock, step by step, stitch by stitch.

Today, we’re going to stitch up these slipper socks in a luxurious yarn, Lion Brand Touch of Alpaca. That little touch is just SO fancy. LOL. I really love this yarn. The acrylic means it’ll be perfect for slippers because it’ll wear really well. The touch of alpaca is just so soft. This yarn is amazing and with all these amazing colors…you can’t go wrong.

Rudd Socks


Advanced Beginner



ANY! This slipper sock will fit YOU!


16sts = 4 inches in Single Crochet worked in the round



This pattern will require a touch of work on the front end.

  1. Measure the circumference of your foot. This should be the circumference of the ball of your foot. Use a cloth tape measure and just wrap it around (not too tight!). This will be measurement A.
  2. Measure the length of your foot. This will be the length of your longest toe to the back of you heel when standing. Did you know your foot lengthens when you stand! That’s why it’s important. This will be measurement B.


First we need to find the number of stitches we will increase to.

Measurement A x 4 stitches per inch = Total Number of Stitches.

You’ll round this number to the closest of the following numbers: (24, 30, 36, 42, 48)


Ch 2, work 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook. PM in first sc to mark beg of round.

Round 1: 2sc in each sc around. (12 sc)

Round 2: Sc in each sc around.

Round 3: *2sc in first sc, sc in next sc; rep from * around. (18 sc)

Round 4: Sc in each sc around.

Round 5: *2sc in first sc, sc in next 2 sc; rep from * around. (24 sts)

Continue in this manner, increasing 6 sts every other round until you have the number you chose in THE MATH section above.

Next Round: Sc in each sc around.

Rep last round until sock measures 3 inches less that your Measurement B.

You’ll now begin working in rows.

Row 1: Sc in each of the next 12 (14, 18, 20, 24) sts. Leave the rest of the stitches unworked.

Row 2: Ch 1, turn, sc in each sc across.

Row 3: Ch 1, turn, sc2tog, sc in each sc across.

Rep Row 3 until 4 sts remain. You need to be ready to work a RS row. So, if you end ready to work a WS row, work 1 row of single crochets.

Next Row (RS): Sc in each of the next 4 sts, turn your sock 90 degrees, single crochet in each row end down heel, sc in each sc across instep (top of sock) and place a marker in the first and last stitch of this section, turn your sock 90 degrees, single crochet in each row end to end of row, join to first sc with sl st.

You’ll now begin working in rows.

Next Round: Ch 1, Sc in each sc around to 2 sts before the first marker, sc2tog, sc in each st to next marker, sc2tog, sc in each st to end of round, join to first sc with a sl st.

Rep last round until you have the 24 (30, 36, 42, 48) sts left.


Next Round: Ch 1, sc in each sc around, join to first sc with a sl st.

Rep last round for about 1 inch.

Finish off.

Final Thoughts

I really hope you enjoyed this pattern! I just love sharing all these free patterns with you all! If you stitch this up, make sure you take a photo and tag me in them on Instagram and show off your project in the Rohn Strong Maker Community on Facebook too!


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