My Top 5 FREE Crochet Patterns for Beginners

The number one worry crocheters share with me about crocheting socks is getting started. Where do you start? Are they difficult? Are there any good free patterns?

Well, here’s my answer to those questions:

  1. You start with a single stitch.
  2. They aren’t that difficult, but they’ll take some time and practice.
  3. YES! And I have 5 here for you!
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Crochet socks are, as most of you may know, my favorite thing to make. They’re quic(ish), easy(ish), fun, and don’t take a whole lot of skill to complete. If you can crochet a hat, you can crochet a sock! Seriously!

The biggest thing you’ll have to tackle is fit. Once you’ve got the fit down, you’ve got the skills you need!

Today, I want to share with you my Top 5 FREE Crochet Sock Patterns I’ve made. They come from Lion Brand, Red Heart, and Myself. Working on these socks will help you improve your skills and set you up for success when you want to start working on more complicated socks later on.

These socks are all beginner and listed in no particular order. Simply click the links, head to the websites and go to town!

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  1. Le Becque Socks

We’ll begin with one of my favorite patterns I’ve designed. The Le Becque Socks. These were for a free Crochet Along I had with the folks over at Furls Crochet Hooks. The pattern is still available online, though. The pattern is in three parts so you’ll just want to follow weeks 1-4 for all the info. They are a lot of fun and super stretchy. So, you won’t have to be too persnickety about fit!


2. Surf and Sand Socks

Okay so these might not be the most beginner of all the beginner socks but I can’t express just how fun they are. I designed these with variegated yarn in mind. I really wanted a type of stitch that would play with the yarn in the best way possible! I love how they came out…and that heel? So comfortable!


3. Men’s Crochet Socks

Lion Brand hit the mark with these fresh and fun crochet socks designed for men. A reinforced heel and classic toe allow the vanilla style sock construction to shine through. I love these socks and they’d work for just about anyone – not just men. I’d only caution on the fit. Take time to make a gauge swatch and measure well! Lion Brand sock yarn doesn’t have the most amount of stretch in it.

LB Crochet Socks.jpg

4. Cozy at Home Crochet Socks

I learned to crochet socks from Karen Whooley and it wouldn’t be polite to list all my fav crochet socks and not include a design of hers. The Cozy at Home Crochet Socks are made for wearing around the house and look as comfy as they probably are. I’m not a huge fan of calling slippers…socks…because, well, they’re not. But I’m forgiving this small mistake because…honestly…look at that pink!


5. Colorful Crochet Socks

These socks are just fun to look at and easy to make. The cuff is worked horizontally which means you get all the east of working in rows and the stretch it offers! They work up super fast too. I’d work both cuffs, then move onto the feet from there! No second sock syndrome.


I really hope you enjoyed this list of my favorite FREE crochet sock patterns! Don’t forget to share your crochet socks with me on Instagram using the hashtags #stepintocrochet and #rohnstrong. Oh! And don’t forget to show off your project in the Rohn Strong Maker Community Facebook group too!


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