The Snowball Throw | An Easy Tunisian Double Crochet Throw with Pom Fringe

My Snowball Throw – a free pattern here on the blog – is a gorgeous holiday-inspired throw worked in my favorite stitch – Tunisian Double Crochet!

Read through my inspiration, design process, and lots of info on the perfect yarn I chose, or scroll on down for the free pattern.

You can purchase the PDF pattern which features 5 sizes from Baby to King HERE.

The Inspiration

The holidays are right around the corner and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t already looking ahead toward decorating. This year, I’m going with a cozy minimalist theme but needed to add a bit of color. The color palette I chose featured a new color of Red Heart Super Saver but, more on that later.

The Design Process

Often, yarn choice influences my design process. Other times, I start with a clear idea and find just the right yarn. This design was definitely the latter.

I needed to pick a quick stitch because I just don’t have a lot of time to crochet lately but, I didn’t want to sacrifice warmth.

I chose tunisian crochet for two reasons:

  1. I could use a larger hook to speed up the crochet process without sacrificing any warmth.
  2. I could use a tunisian double crochet stitch which works up very fast and has wonderful drape.

Tunisian double crochet is similar to tunisian simple stitch. It’s worked almost exactly the same except, before inserting your hook from right to left into the next vertical bar, you place a yarn over on your hook. Then, when drawing the yarn through you complete the stitch exactly as you would a double crochet.

It’s quick, easy, and a lot of fun to stitch. The best part? This stitch doesn’t curl one bit. That means when you’re finished, you just need to weave in a few ends and you’re set to go!

The yarn came next. Red Heart Super Saver is my very favorite yarn to stitch afghans with. It’s hard wearing, colorfast, and made right here in the USA! How awesome is that?

It was also great timing because Red Heart Super Saver happened to release a few new colors. I ran to my local JOANN, grabbed a few skeins, and picked up this gorgeous array of colors! Look at that Pool color?! It’s just perfect.

I get asked all the time, Rohn…how do you choose your colors?!

Well, the truth is I don’t. I’m terrible at choosing colors. I need a guide that helps limit my scope. I love color. So much color. That’s a good thing – sometimes. Other times it can be overwhelming.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Pinterest is your friend. Find a color palette you love and stick to it.
  2. Stick with a limited palette. Too much color can be overwhelming.
  3. If choosing colors for someone else, make a mood board to see what they like!

Red Heart Super Saver comes in over a hundred colors and is just perfect for creating a custom palette perfect for gifting.

You can always follow me on Pinterest where I share my fave color palettes from time to time!

You can purchase the PDF pattern which features 5 sizes from Baby to King HERE.

Snowball Throw


Advanced Beginner



32 inches by 32 inches


12 sts and 5 rows = 4 inches in Tunisian Double Crochet


Ch(s) – Chain(s)

YO – Yarn Over

St(s) – Stitch(es)

Tdc – Tunisian Double Crochet

Sl st – Slip Stitch

RetP – Return Pass


Tunisian Double Crochet (Tdc) – To work the forward pass in Tdc, beginning with the second vertical bar, yarn over, insert the hook form right to left under the front vertical bar and draw up a loop, yarn over, draw through 2 loops on hook, leaving 1 loop on the hook. Repeat this in each vertical bar across. On the very last vertical bar in the row, work under both the front and back vertical bars to create a firm edge.

Traditional Return Pass: Ch 1, *yo, pull through 2 loops; rep from * until 1 loop remains on hook.

Loop already on hook at beginning of the forward pass counts as first stitch.


With A, Ch 101

Foundation Row: *insert hook into back bump of next ch, yo, pull up a loop; rep from * across. RetP. (101 sts)

Row 1: With A, ch 1, *(yo, insert hook from left to right through next vertical bar, yo, pull up a loop, yo, pull through 2 loops on hook); rep from * across. With B, RetP. (101 sts)

Row 2: With B, Tdc in each st across. With C, RetP.

Row 3: With C, Tdc in each st across. With A, RetP.

Rep Rows 1-3 until blanket is 32″ long or desired length.

Last Row: *Insert hook from left to right through next vertical bar, yo, pull up a loop, pull first loop on hook through second loop; rep from * across.

Finish off.

Edging: With B, join yarn in any corner, ch 1, 3sc in corner, *sc in each st across to next corner, 3sc in corner; rep from * around, join with a sl st to first sc.

Work 1 further round of single crochet.

Snowball Border: Ch 1, sc in first sc, sc in each of the next 2 sts, *(ch 6, in third ch from hook work puff st, ch 3, work puff st in ch-1 top of previous puff st, fold pom in half, sl st in same ch as first puff st, ch 1), ch 3, sk 2 sc, sc in each of the next 3 sts; rep from * around, sl st to first st.

Finish off.

Note: You might not end up with evenly spaced poms. That’s normal. Every side of my blanket had a different number of poms. It’s more important to keep them as evenly spaced as possible and fudge as you go!

Final Thoughts

I’m in love with this afghan! It works up so fast, it’s incredibly easy, and you’ll be guaranteed big smiles from everyone you gift it too!

You can purchase the PDF pattern which features 5 sizes from Baby to King HERE.

I really hope you enjoyed this pattern! I just love sharing all these free patterns with you all! If you stitch this up, make sure you take a photo and tag me in them on Instagram and show off your project in the Rohn Strong Maker Community on Facebook too!


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