Colors, Hooks, and more for your Tunisian Delight Sampler!

Y’all! We’re about 11 days away from the official kick off of our Tunisian Delight Sampler Afghan May 2020 Crochet Along! It’s officially time to choose our colors, gather our supplies, and get a little sneak peek of what we’ll be covering over the month of May!

Remember, you can find all the info (including yarn amounts and such) in this blog post here!

So, I thought it might be a little helpful to have a nice little video walking you all through the materials, tools, and each of the blocks! I cover all the stitches we’ll be learning together too! How fun is that?

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Alright, so once you’ve watched that, let’s come on back and we’ll chat colors and crochet hooks!

Choosing Colors is HARD

I’m usually pretty indecisive when it comes to choosing colors for my various crochet projects. Most of the time I just throw some yarn in a pile and choose what looks good depending on what is next to each other. That’s how I chose the colors for my original Tunisian Delight!

With that said, I wanted to make a second version in some other colors! Something totally different from the original version. Yesterday, I posted this photo:

These were the color combos I ultimately settled on!


Four different choices.

What the heck!

I asked my friends over on Instagram (don’t forget you can follow me here) and the winning combo was the upper left!

I’m actually really excited about this combo! The main afghan will be white with pops of the brights. I’m even thinking a bright red border would be cool too!

That’s what is so great about this CAL, it’s a true stash buster. We’re going to work our way through all these blocks and use up that stash we’ve got hanging out!

Have you chosen your colors? Remember, you can snap a pic and share them with us in my Facebook Group, Rohn Strong’s Crochet Club!

But what about the hook?

I’ve received a slew of questions about the crochet hook we’ll be using for this crochet along. Most people have at least one tunisian crochet hook in their stash and, if you’re like me, we’ve got more than a few!

Now, if you don’t have a tunisian hook in your stash you can just use a regular ole standard hook!


Well, with a little ingenuity!

Here are a few crochet hooks from my collection:

There are two types of hooks here, those with thumb rests (the two blue hooks and green hook) and those without (the red wood and blond wood).

If you have any hooks that look like those without thumb rests, you can made this afghan!

All you need to do is add a rubber band at the base of your hook. This works best when you use an actual rubber band, not a hair tie or anything like that. You want this to really grip the wood.

This rubber band will help keep the stitches on the hook! For real! It’s SO easy and fast to turn any crochet hook like this into a miniature tunisian crochet hook! I even went ahead and did a little tunisian simple stitch swatch just to show you it works!

See! Those stitches aren’t going anywhere! They fit neatly on the hook and it’s really comfy to use. Tunisian crochet hooks can hold a ton of stitches. These blocks each measure about 9.5 inches and this hook is only 6″ long! I could easily fit a bunch more stitches on the hook without getting overwhelmed at all!

Alright, that’s it for today! I hope y’all are having a happy and healthy week out there! Remember, we’re going to start our Tunisian Delight Sampler Crochet Along next week, May 1st!

I’ll have another post next Tuesday all about gauge and how to measure gauge on a tunisian swatch, so stay tuned for that!

If you decide to join us, make sure you tag me on Instagram @rohnstrong or head to Rohn Strong’s Crochet Club on Facebook!


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