Hook vs. Needle: Creating Similar Patterns in Knitting and Crochet

For years I’ve tried to create both knit and crochet versions of my patterns. Here’s the deal, it’s not that easy. Yarn just plays differently when it’s knit or crocheted.

Some yarns prefer to be crocheted, others knit, still other’s are stubborn as all get out and refused to do much more than sit there and look pretty.

The question becomes, how to we create texutre that looks similar in knit and crochet using the same yarn?

A few months back I shot a video for Annie’s Crafts Youtube Channel, which I’m going to embed here. Have a look and then let’s meet back and talk a touch about what we’re seeing.

Watch it?

So, aside from the video being a great intro to one of my favorite knitting/crochet kit club, The Hook and Needle Club, it has a lot of great info in it.

We can certainly try to create a texture that mimics knit or crochet, depending on which one we begin with. I’ve always been in the camp, however, that says “let crochet/knit be crochet/knit”.

I mean, each has their own strengths and weaknesses BUT what if you see a knit pattern and just are DYING for a crochet version (or vice versa)? Well…friends…here are a few tips.

  1. Swatch. Swatch. Swatch. Knitting and crochet will always look differently but more importantly they’ll use different amounts of yarn. Don’t go into a project thinking you’ll use the same, you won’t. I promise. Swatching is key here. Make a swatch in the knit pattern and a similar size swatch in crochet. Weigh them. Crochet will almost always use more, not always, but almost. So, keep this in mind.
  2. Grab those stitch dictionaries. Truth is, finding a crochet stitch that looks like knit or knit that looks like crochet, is going to take some work. I mean, we all like to feel like a grad student once in a while, and you certainly will! But scouring these stitch dictionaries will give you a perfect starting point.
  3. Go for similar…not the same. This is a biggie. You won’t always find the exact stitch but remember, we’re not going for exact here, just similar.
  4. Find the perfect yarn. Yarn is sometimes like a toddler. Selfish and cute. They want to do what they want to do when they want to do it. Try to find a yarn that will work for both patterns equally. Remember variegated and self striping yarns will work differently in both crafts. Swatching will help you figure some of this out but it’s also going to take a little groundwork on your part.

Alright, there are a few tips for you die hard yarn lovers out there! I hope you found them inspiring. Oh…and for real…get yourself a subscription to the Hook and Needle Club. It’s awesome and takes all the guess work out!


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