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Get Your Tunisian Hooks Ready for My Next Pattern (Perfect for Spring/Summer)

Hi y'all! I'm just about ready to release my latest tunisian crochet pattern, a fun cropped cardigan! I think y'all are going to love it! Amiright? Look at that lacey knit-like goodness! Tunisian crochet lace is no small eat, usually involving rows and rows of charts and extra loops here and there. However, this pattern… Continue reading Get Your Tunisian Hooks Ready for My Next Pattern (Perfect for Spring/Summer)

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Black Friday Has Come Early!!

Sometimes...well...I get a bit excited. For some odd reason I thought TODAY WAS THANKSGIVING. I blame the lack of a calendar in my house. Que sera sera. I've decided to start our Black Friday sale early! So...starting Today, November 17th and running through next Friday November 26th, all the patterns in my shop are available… Continue reading Black Friday Has Come Early!!


On Writing A Book

When I sat down to write the first words of my new book, I went blank. As blank as blank can get. The page looked at me with monstrous intentions. It taunted me. Mocked me. For a week it stared at me, daring me to put one word on the page. Knowing that one word… Continue reading On Writing A Book


Crochet is Weird!

Crochet is weird. There I said it. It really is weird though. Think about it. We stack little knots on top of each other to make something out of string. We use a stick and a bit of string to make something beautiful. Sometimes strange but all the same, beautiful. I often wonder what I… Continue reading Crochet is Weird!

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A Year In Review-ish

This year has been something of a roller coaster. From losing my mother in law this time last year, to gaining an extra mouth to feed, filming a craftsy class, writing a book, and designing full time...I think I am just now seeing the trees through the forest. Is that how the saying goes? Anyways,… Continue reading A Year In Review-ish


New Pattern…and a Couple of Kits!

One in a while we designers have to admit a big secret... We didn't get it right the first time. Or at least, we could have done it a touch better. That's how I've always felt about my Candied Crossbones socks. While they've been the most popular crochet sock pattern I've designed, to date, a… Continue reading New Pattern…and a Couple of Kits!


Who’s Ready for a Crochet Sock Club?

I've been teasing y'all every now and then...but it is definitely happening! I have officially started my Sock Club! Until the end of day on Thursday I am offering the entire club for just $12.50! Just add it to your cart, no coupon code needed! We'll be featuring fun and exciting yarns from companies like Unplanned… Continue reading Who’s Ready for a Crochet Sock Club?


Free July Sock CAL!

  Hey Y’all! It’s been a few days so I wanted to jump on and share some EXCITING news! Last Thursday I was on Marly Bird’s podcast. We chatted about everything crochet including my new crochet book, my current anniversary sale, and a new Crochet Sock group I’ve started on Facebook! I wanted to touch… Continue reading Free July Sock CAL!


A New Facebook Group for Crochet Sock Addicts!

Hey y'all! Happy Wednesday...I hope y'all are enjoying the week as much as I am. Today is about as gorgeous as a Southern Summer can get. Carolina blue skies, low humidity, eighty degrees, and an incessant squirrel that wants to break into my outdoor office more than I want a candy bar. Anyways, I wanted to… Continue reading A New Facebook Group for Crochet Sock Addicts!

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Professional Yarn Dyeing at Home…an Interview

I've always believe, there are always a few people in this lifetime that you're destined to meet. People who are placed in your path for one reason or another. Sarah Eyre is that person. Sarah and I met years ago when I was just getting started in this industry. She gave me a shot and… Continue reading Professional Yarn Dyeing at Home…an Interview