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Classes at Downtown Knits!

Want to take an in person class with me? Now's the time! I'll be teaching 3 classes at Downtown Knits in Apex, NC next month! Sign up quick...because there are limited spots (only 6)!!   Crochet Sock Bootcamp   Two at a Time Cuff Down Socks   Beginner Baby Sweater   Head… Continue reading Classes at Downtown Knits!


Where are the WWII service patterns for women?

Today, I've already been knee deep in WWII research on uniforms. You see, I wanted to design a service sweater (a sweater worn by each arm of the military) that was pretty accurate to the time period. One such sweater was for women serving. The truth is...I couldn't find anything on why there don't seem… Continue reading Where are the WWII service patterns for women?


Let Me Tell You About Raoul Wallenberg…

Most of you know my love of WWI and WWII history, especially the knitting related stuff. I thought it'd be fun to share with you all a topic of my research as of late. Today I'd like to tell you about Raoul Wallenberg.     Wallenberg was a highly educated Swedish businessman born into a… Continue reading Let Me Tell You About Raoul Wallenberg…


Premier Yarns Sweet Roll…Sweet Deal!

Hey Y'all! So, a few months ago you may remember that I designed a whole slew of patterns celebrating the launch of Premier Yarns Sweet Roll! It is still on of my favorite color changing yarns. The endless possibilities make designing a fun and challenging endeavor. Furthermore, all those colors make crocheting a simple hat… Continue reading Premier Yarns Sweet Roll…Sweet Deal!

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Black Friday Has Come Early!!

Sometimes...well...I get a bit excited. For some odd reason I thought TODAY WAS THANKSGIVING. I blame the lack of a calendar in my house. Que sera sera. I've decided to start our Black Friday sale early! So...starting Today, November 17th and running through next Friday November 26th, all the patterns in my shop are available… Continue reading Black Friday Has Come Early!!


SWEET ROLLS! And a Free Pattern (Or Two)

Who's ready for a free pattern...OR TWO! Premier Yarns and I worked together to design a few patterns using my FAV new yarn of the fall, Sweet Rolls! Sweet Rolls combine 3 different, but complimentary colors in each ball! The yarn is designed to create wide stripes in a regular repeat (meaning it is not a… Continue reading SWEET ROLLS! And a Free Pattern (Or Two)


Summer Socks are Super + Giveaway!

Socks. Socks. Socks. Everything I do lately is somehow related to socks...I think I'm addicted! Send help...or just sock yarn. Either way...I'm ready! This week I have a NEW-ish sock pattern! The Seaside Shells Socks. Why new-ish? Well, it was published as part of my Greenway MCAL, but you had to choose just the right… Continue reading Summer Socks are Super + Giveaway!


Who’s Ready for a Crochet Sock Club?

I've been teasing y'all every now and then...but it is definitely happening! I have officially started my Sock Club! Until the end of day on Thursday I am offering the entire club for just $12.50! Just add it to your cart, no coupon code needed! We'll be featuring fun and exciting yarns from companies like Unplanned… Continue reading Who’s Ready for a Crochet Sock Club?

Friday Round Up

Weekly Roundup 5/7 – 5/13!

This week was incredibly productive and eye opening! I hope all of y'all had a great week! We we're busy on the blog this week! On Monday we talked about Dealing with Burnout and how to cope with it! Tuesday we discussed the 7 Secrets to Clean Eating Success. Then Wednesday came and I shared my creative… Continue reading Weekly Roundup 5/7 – 5/13!