Fun with FURLS – A New Sock CAL

I love a good sock CAL, don't you? Now, for those few of you out there that may not know, a CAL is a 'Crochet - Along' and essentially it just means you crochet at your own speed with a bunch of other crocheters who are working at their own speed! In the end, you… Continue reading Fun with FURLS – A New Sock CAL

Crochet, Tunisian Crochet

Get Your Tunisian Hooks Ready for My Next Pattern (Perfect for Spring/Summer)

Hi y'all! I'm just about ready to release my latest tunisian crochet pattern, a fun cropped cardigan! I think y'all are going to love it! Amiright? Look at that lacey knit-like goodness! Tunisian crochet lace is no small eat, usually involving rows and rows of charts and extra loops here and there. However, this pattern… Continue reading Get Your Tunisian Hooks Ready for My Next Pattern (Perfect for Spring/Summer)


Socks…every which way but loose!

Most, if not all, of you know that I am a bit obsessed with Crochet Socks. It's not my fault, really. I am a crochet sock evangelist. It is in my blood. These past two weeks I started a few college classes and I fell everyone about crochet socks. Everyone. I think I might become known… Continue reading Socks…every which way but loose!


Summer Socks are Super + Giveaway!

Socks. Socks. Socks. Everything I do lately is somehow related to socks...I think I'm addicted! Send help...or just sock yarn. Either way...I'm ready! This week I have a NEW-ish sock pattern! The Seaside Shells Socks. Why new-ish? Well, it was published as part of my Greenway MCAL, but you had to choose just the right… Continue reading Summer Socks are Super + Giveaway!


Who’s Ready for a Crochet Sock Club?

I've been teasing y'all every now and then...but it is definitely happening! I have officially started my Sock Club! Until the end of day on Thursday I am offering the entire club for just $12.50! Just add it to your cart, no coupon code needed! We'll be featuring fun and exciting yarns from companies like Unplanned… Continue reading Who’s Ready for a Crochet Sock Club?


It’s My Anniversary!

So...I'm celebrating something fantastic! It's my anniversary! Today in 2011, I decided to design! I started doing a bunch of research and it led me to right here and now! How awesome is that? It was in December of 2011 that I would publish my first pattern...Sparro! To celebrate I am offering a HUGE SALE!… Continue reading It’s My Anniversary!