Summer Blossom Mandala – Week 1

Hey all! I’m so excited to jump right on in and get stitching this gorgeous mandala! A quick reminder, this is the free version of the pattern and DOES NOT INCLUDE the PDF pattern. You can purchase the PDF pattern HERE or the Yarn Kit from Lion Brand Yarn HERE, both of which include the pdf pattern.

A video tutorial can be found here on my youtube channel.


About 56” in Diameter


Gauge is not essential for this project.



• Lion Brand Yarn Wool-Ease (80% Acrylic/20% Wool Worsted Weight Yarn; 197yds/180m; 3oz/85g)

3 Skeins Blush Heather (Color A)

3 Skeins Succulent (Color E)

3 Skeins Rose Heather (Color D)

3 Skeins Still Water (Color B)

3 Skeins Icicle (Color C)


US I/5.5mm Standard Crochet Hook


Tapestry Needle

Split Ring Stitch Markers

Pattern Questions?

Email me at

Pattern Notes

This blanket is worked from the center out.


Dc = Double Crochet

Sl st = Slip Stitch

Ch = Chain

Fpdc = Front Post Double Crochet

Beg = Beginning

Sc = Single Crochet

Sk = Skip

Popcorn = 5dc in indicated st, slip loop off hook, insert hook in first dc, pick up loop and pull through.

Fptr = Front Post Triple Crochet

Bpsc = Back Post Single Crochet

Hdc = Half Double Crochet

Bobble = (Yo, insert hook into indicated st, yo and pull up a loop) twice, yo and pull through all loops on hook.

YO = Yarn over

Bpdc = Back post double crochet

Tr = Triple crochet


Rnd 1: With Color A, make a slip ring, into ring work, (dc, ch 3) 8 times, join to first dc with a sl st. Fasten off. (8dc, 8 ch-3 sps)

Rnd 2: Join Color B in any dc, ch 3, work 2dc in same dc as join, fpdc around post of same dc as join, *fpdc around post of next dc, 3dc in same dc, fpdc around post of same dc; rep from * around, fpdc around post of same dc and beg ch-3. Fasten off.  (24dc, 16fpdc)

Rnd 3: Join Color C in center dc of any 3-dc group, ch 1, 3sc in same dc, sk next dc *fpdc around posts of each of the next 2 fpdc, sk next dc, 3sc in next dc, sk next sc; rep from * around to last two fpdc, fpdc around post of last 2 fpdc, join to first sc with a sl st. Fasten off. (24sc, 16fpdc)

Rnd 4: Join Color D in first sc of any 3-sc group, ch 1, sc in same sc as join and in each st around, join to first sc with a sl st. (40 sc)

Rnd 5: Ch 1, *sc in each of the next 3 sts, fpdc around post of dc 2 rows below, rep from * around, join to first sc with a sl st. Fasten off. (24sc, 16fpdc)

Rnd 6: Join Color E in first sc, ch 3, dc in each of the next 2 sc, ch 2, *Popcorn (see special stitches) in next st, ch 3, Popcorn in next st, ch 2, rep from * around, join to beg ch-3 with a sl st. Fasten off. (24 dc, 16 Popcorn, 16 ch-2 sps, 8 ch-3 sps)

Rnd 7: Join Color A in any ch-3 sp, ch 1, *sc in ch-3 sp, fptr around posts of both dc two rows below, sc in same ch-3 sp as previous sc, sk next Popcorn st, 2sc in next ch-2 sp, bpsc around posts of next 3 dc, 2sc in next ch-2 sp; rep from * around, join to first sc with a sl st. Fasten off. (8 fptr, 48 sc, 24bpsc)

Until next week friends!

Happy Stitching!



Choosing Alternate Colors | Summer Blossom Mandala Crochet Along

The response to my Summer Blossom Mandala Crochet Along announcement has been tremendous! So much so, that we’ve officially bought up all the Wool Ease our friends at Lion Brand Yarn had on their shelves.

Because of that two of the colors in the kit will be out until August! DANG IT! The light blueish color (Stillwater) and maroon color (Rose Heather) will be out until August. So, with that in mind, I thought it would be fun to put together a few different color stories that would look amazing!

A lot of people think that I just have this magical skill of putting colors together but…I don’t. Haha! It’s all pinterest. Have you ever searched, “Color Palette”? It’s so fun to see photos and colors inspired by those photos. It takes all the guess work out of it. So, let’s take a look at some awesome palette’s and the yarn colors associated with them!

If any of these suit your fancy, just click this link here, and adjust the colors listed on that page. Lion Brand will ship the colors right out to you! How cool is that?! Check out the video below:

Grey Floral

A wonderful spring kick that’s a bit unconventional. I absolutely LOVE this color combo.

  1. Charcoal
  2. Succulent
  3. Grey Heather
  4. Cranberry
  5. Blush Heather

Stormy Seas

My personal choice, these hues of blue are perfect for this project.

  1. Denim
  2. Riverside
  3. Succulent
  4. Grey Heather
  5. Icicle

Coffee House

Striking bright’s and deep darks make this palette perfect for stitching up this mandala!

  1. Fisherman
  2. Wheat
  3. Thrush
  4. Nightshade
  5. Riverside

Citrus Spring

A pop of reddish orange truly takes this palette to the next level. Energetic and zippy, I just love Citrus Spring.

  1. Succulent
  2. Tawny Port
  3. Koi
  4. Blush Heather
  5. Thrush


Take monochromatic to the extreme and work the entire mandala in one color. This will allow the texture to SING!

  1. Fisherman

I know it can be really stressful to choose the right colors and put together different colors if you’re not used to it. BUT, I hope the few colorways that I offered give you that bit of excitement you need to crochet this amazing mandala up!

Remember, you can click HERE to grab the pattern or HERE to grab the kit. Just make sure to adjust the colors as in the video above!

Thanks friends!



Rohn Strong’s 2021 Crochet Along – Summer Blossom Mandala

Every year, hundreds of crocheter’s gather together in an online forum to crochet up my newest crochet pattern. I work all year to design and create a project that is not just fun to crochet, but will help challenge crocheter’s. My teaching and design style is simple, to create projects that inspire and educate.

Last year (2020) was one heck of a year and I was so excited to bring you all the Tunisian Delight Sampler Afghan!

You can still find the free patterns here on my blog and the video tutorials on my Youtube channel here! The downloadable pattern is available for purchase here!

For 2021, I wanted to do something a bit more in depth. So, I’m so excited to bring you the Spring Blossom Mandala!

Worked from the center out in a mandala style, this throw size afghan brings together everything I love about crochet. Texture, color, and a challenge. Every round is different and, with that, a whole lot to learn. This modern mandala is a crochet skill builder and who doesn’t want to up their crochet game while making a fun and functional afghan?!

With most blankets, you’re stuck making the same motif or working the same stitch again and again. Not with a mandala. We’ll work each round, learning new stitches along the way, keeping you on your toes and adding a ton of stitches to your tool box every week!

What does a Rohn Strong Crochet Along Look LIke?

Like most of my crochet alongs (CAL’s) the name of the game isn’t just about finishing the project. It’s about learning as much as you can along the way. So, what is a CAL? It’s simply when a bunch of us internet friends get together and crochet the same pattern at the same time! It’s all done virtually (aka online). We’ll have weekly assignments, and videos will be released each week to cover a few rounds. We’ll have support via Youtube, Instagram, and right here on my blog.

The Summer Blossom Mandala is the culmination of a lot of knowledge and technique. It features beginner stitches, easy stitches, and a few more challenging techniques. With that said, here is the deal, I designed this mandala to work for even the beginner crocheters, even if you’ve only crocheted a few projects, you can do this. The biggest skill you need is the ability to complete basic crochet stitches and be able to read a pattern.

And remembers, I’ll be right there by your side, crocheting every single stitch with you. So, if you have questions you can always email me, send me a message on Instagram, and leave a comment on my Youtube Channel!


  • Summer Blossom Mandala Pattern!
    • You can purchase the PDF Pattern HERE (if you’re looking to use your own yarn this is the best option!)
    • You can purchase the entire yarn kit which includes the PDF Pattern HERE! You can even choose colors to create your own mandala!
    • You can find the free pattern on my blog, released in parts, as we go along! No need to sign up, you’ll just need to check the website each week.
  • Yarn/Hook and Notions:
    • Yarn recommended for the pattern is Lion Brand Wool Ease. This is a worsted weight yarn. All yarn and hook info can be found in the pattern.


This CAL will take place over 8 weeks beginning on July 18th.

Each week a new Youtube tutorial will be released to coincide with that weeks rounds. While the rounds may change, the overall schedule looks something like this:

July 18th – Rnds 1 – 7

July 25th – Rnds 8 – 14

August 1 – Rnds 15 – 21

August 8 – Rnds 22 – 27

August 15 – Rnds 28 – 35

August 22 – Rnds 36 – 47

August 29 – Scalloped Border

September 5 – Last Rounds and Blocking

I am just SO excited to start on this CAL with you all! It’s going to be a blast and I’m really excited to help you expand those crochet skills! Grab your pattern, your yarn kit, and let’s get stitching!

Logjam Throw – Free Crochet Pattern by Rohn Strong

Hey Friends!

Long time, no see! I know I’ve been away dealing with a few health issues these past few weeks and I’ve missed you all SO much! Crochet and knitting is my happy place – and I’m happy to be back sharing free patterns with you all!

This week, I have the Logjam Throw! It’s an easy to stitch crochet blanket, generously sized, and worked in a chunky/bulky weight yarn and gauge.

Click Here to purchase the Kit!

Click Here to add this project to Ravelry!

You’ve probably seen basketweave stitch afghan before, goodness knows they were super popular a few years back and while I’ve never made one, I really wanted to!

But, I’m not the kind of designer that puts out a tried and true design in a new color or yarn and slaps a fancy name on it to call it mine. I have to add a little bit of “Rohn” to the mix. I dug deep and thought about what I loved with basketweave stitches and what I didn’t…then thought about how to solve it.

  1. Make it Lighter!

Crochet’s heavy, we know that, and when you add in bulky or chunky yarn – it can get a whole lot heavier. Basketweave stitches, especially those created with post stitches, can add a ton of weight to any project. So, how do we resolve this? Take a few out and replace them with chain stitches! It’s a simple fix that actually doesn’t impact the overall appearance of the blanket a whole lot but really adds a lot of loft.

2. Make it Fast!

Basketweaves take FOREVER…seriously…

A little nod to the greatest movie of all time…The Sandlot.

Okay, anyway, simply put, adding those chains makes this afghan quick to stitch up. The yarn is a dream too. I decided to go with Two of Wands x Lion Brand Yarn Hue and Me. It’s a beautiful acrylic/wool blend that I just can’t get enough of. It’s also a bulky weight, which means it’s perfect for quick to stitch projects like this one.

Processed with VSCO with al1 preset

3. Make it MINE!

Last thing I really wanted to make sure came across was how customizable this pattern is. Essentially it is just a 6 stitch repeat (four double crochet and two chains) that you can take and truly make your own. If you’re like me and love for things to look and feel even, try to stitch with a 12 + 6st repeat. It breaks down as follows:

4dc + 2 ch + 4dc + 2ch + 4dc

Those extra couple of chains that make up the 6sts account for the first double crochet.

That way, as you are alternating between front and back post stitches, you’ll be able to make sure the first and last set of double crochets are the same, creating a nice and even blanket.

Now, alternately you could also add an extra stitch to the beginning and end of each repeat to create a nice even edge, which is what I did with my blanket!

Alright, that’s all there is to this throw. We’ve covered the basics and I even gave you the repeat. You can find the free pattern below, the printable PDF pattern here, the video tutorial on youtube here, and the kit, which includes all the yarn you need here. Other than that…happy stitching folxs!

LOGJAM Throw Pattern


About 48” Wide and 52” Long


Gauge is not essential for this project.



Lion Brand Yarn Hue and Me (80% Acrylic/20% Wool Bulky Weight Yarn; 137yds/125m; 4.4oz/125g) 9 skeins Fatigues (#617-174)


US L/8mm Standard Crochet Hook


Tapestry Needle

Pattern Questions?

Email me at

Pattern Notes

This blanket is worked from top to bottom. Just work as many repeats as possible, until you run out of yarn!

Weave in ends as work progresses.


Ch 91

Foundation Stripe

Row 1 (RS): Dc in 3rd ch from hook and in each of the next 3 ch, *ch 2, sk next 2 ch, dc in each of the next 4 ch; rep from * across, hdc in last ch. (15 4-dc groups, 14 ch-2 sps, 2 hdc)

Row 2 (WS): Ch 2 (counts as first hdc here and throughout), turn, *Fpdc around the next 4 dc, ch 2, Bpdc around the next 4 dc, ch 2; rep from * across, hdc in top of beg ch.

Row 3: Ch 2, turn, *Bpdc around the next 4 dc, ch 2, Fpdc around the next 4 dc, ch 2; rep from * across, hdc in top of beg ch.

Rnd 4: Rep Row 2.

Stripe #1

Row 5 and 7 (RS): As Row 2.

Rows 6 and 8: As Row 3.

Stripe #2

Row 9 and 11 (RS): As Row 3.

Row 10 and 12: As Row 2

Repeat directions for Stripe 1 and Stripe 2 six times further. Finish off.

Weave in all ends. Wash and lay flat to block.

Traveling Afghan Square – Crochet Peaks and Valley Square

Boy! Do I love a sampler blanket or what? They are perfectly cozy and fun to stitch! My Crochet Peaks and Valley Square is the latest contribution to The Traveling Afghan Square project by Alexi of Two of Wands! Just scroll on down for the full afghan square pattern!

Hey Friends! If you’re new ’round these parts, that’s how I always introduce myself because, let’s be honest, we’re all friends around here! I’m Rohn and I’m super excited to have y’all from the Traveling Afghans Project fam! Here’s a bit about me:

  1. I love to knit AND crochet. But I also love to rug hook, punch needle, quilt, and a whole lot more.
  2. I love to read…I spend at least 2 hours a day reading and sometimes more!
  3. Chocolate covered pretzels are my weakness. Totes.

What is the Traveling Afghans Project?

Alexi, the artist and yarn savant behind Two of Wands, created the idea of the traveling afghan project! An afghan that travels around the world, with squares being added to the blanket by each designer, all while the world looks to be closer than ever.

Not a crocheter? That’s okay! Check out the knit version right here.

You can find all the amazing designers behind the squares over on Alexi’s blog and get all the info you need right here!

I’m sending the afghan off next to Jessica Benvenuto of Fly the Distance! I can’t wait to see what she has cooking up with that magical hook of theirs!

Processed with VSCO with al1 preset

Crochet Peaks and Valley Square

This square was all about the triple crochets! I’m obsessed with them! So, I wanted to create a square that used triple crochets in different ways to create a really cool project!


Processed with VSCO with al1 preset

Lion Brand Wool Ease
(3oz/100g, 197yds/180m)
1 Skein Natural Heather

Hooks and Notions
6mm Crochet Hook
Tapestry Needle
Blocking Mats and Pins

Rows 1-4 = 4″ in pattern

Square (make 1)

sCh 4

Rnd 1: Work 12dc in 4th ch from hook, join with a sl st to first dc. (12 dc)

Rnd 2: Ch 12 (counts as first dc, ch 9), (sk next 2 dc, dc in next st, ch 9) three times more, join with a sl st to 3rd ch of beg ch-12. (4 dc, 4 ch-9 sp)

Rnd 3: Sl st into next ch sp, ch 3 (counts as first dc here and throughout), work 8 dc in same ch sp, (ch 2, 9dc in next ch-space) three times more, ch 2, join with a sl st to beg ch-3. (36 dc, 4 ch-2 sp)

Rnd 4: Ch 1, sc in same st as join, sc in each st and ch around, join with a sl st to first sc. (44 sc)

Rnd 5: Ch 4 (counts as first tr here and throughout), tr2tog in next 2 sts, *(ch 2, tr3tog in next 3 sts) twice, ch 3, tr in next st, ch 3, tr in next st, ch 3**, tr3tog in next 3 sts; rep from * around, ending last rep at **, join with a sl st to first tr2tog.

Rnd 6: Ch 1, sc in same st as join, sc in every st and ch around.

Rnd 7: Ch 3, dc in next 11 sts, (3dc in next st, dc in next 17 sts) three times, dc in last 5 sts, join with a sl st to beg ch-3.

Rnd 8: Ch 1, sc in each st around placing 3sc in center dc of each 3dc group.

Rnd 9: Ch 4, tr in next st, (ch 2, tr3tog) four times, ch 3, *(tr, ch 3, tr) in next st, ch 3**, (tr3tog, ch 2) six times, tr3tog, ch 3; rep from * three times more ending last rep at **, (tr3tog, ch 2) twice, tr in the last st, join with a sl st to first ch-4. 

Rnd 10: Ch 1, sc in same st as join, sc in each st and ch around. Fasten off.

Pin and steam block to 10 inches square. Using a mattress stitch, sew in place.

Processed with VSCO with al1 preset