Apple Pie Buckwheat Waffles

Written by Rohn Strong

Buckwheat waffles are one of the few things I remember my father loving. He would rave over buckwheat pancakes and talk about how much ‘better’ they were than the regular bisquick pancakes I grew up on. These aint no bisquick pancakes…these are some gourmet waffles right here.

Yesterday while getting ready to make a batch of Apple Pie Muffins, I had a quick thought. What if I put these in the waffle maker? I’m sure they’d turn out good…right?

These aint no bisquick pancakes…these are some gourmet waffles right here.

In fact, I would venture to say these little beauties turned out BETTER from the waffle maker than they did from the oven. The quick cooking time means that the apples still retain a bit of their crispness while not being too overdone.

The secret to these waffles is the allspice. You have to use good allspice. Really good. Splurge. They give the apples a hit of something special that is really, absolutely, unequivocally needed.

A lot of people don’t know that allspice is not a combination of other spices but is, in fact, it’s own spice. Allspice is made from the dried pimenta fruit of the evergreen myrtle plant Pimenta Dioica. If you don’t happen to have allspice on hand you can combine equal parts of cinnamon and cloves, then add in a dash of nutmeg. It takes a few tries to get the right mix but if you need a waffle fix…it’ll work out fine.

The awesome thing is that these waffles are sugar free, oil free, dairy free, vegetarian, gluten free, and really low in calories! I do recommend adding a bit of jam or pure maple syrup. If not, these can be a bit savory. Which isn’t a bad thing! They would be fantastic with some fried chicken! Maybe some steak? CHICKEN FRIED STEAK.

Okay, anyways here’s the recipe.


1/2 cup buckwheat flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon ground allspice
1/4 teaspoon course salt
4 large eggs
1 ripe banana, mashed
1/4 cup honey (or maple syrup)
1 apple, very finely chopped
Optional: 1 teaspoon ground flaxseed

Preheat your waffle iron (or heat up a griddle for pancakes).

Combine flour, powder, and allspice in a large bowl. Whisk to combine. Almond or Coconut flour may be substituted for the buckwheat flour.

Add salt, eggs, banana, and honey. Mix to combine. Fold in apple. If desired add in a bit of flaxseed. The batter will be quite thin.

Pour by 1/2 cup servings into waffle maker or onto griddle. Allow to cook for 2-3 minutes each side. Serve immediately with warmed syrup or jam.

These can be frozen for up to three months in the freezer or 2 days in the refrigerator.



3 Juice Recipes You’ll Love!

Written by Rohn Strong

Y’all know I talk A LOT about juicing but it’s for good reason.

Juicing has changed my life.

Today I wanted to share with y’all a few of the juice recipes I love. However, to get them you’ll need to head follow me on Snapchat!

I know, I know…I’m such a tease!

Snapchat is one of the most fun and interactive social networks out there. If you don’t have it downloaded it’s easy and free.

Follow me (my username is: rohnstrong) and you’ll get awesome inspiration, recipes, a look inside my personal life…and more!

BUT HURRY! These 3 recipes currently on my snapchat will only be there for the next 24 hours…then they’ll be gone forever. *okay I’ll probably post them again sometime in the future…but whatever.

See y’all on the snap!


5 Tips for Top Notch Juicing

red-926196_960_720Written by Rohn Strong

Juicing can be a new and exciting adventure for a lot of people. Often times juicing is started as a way to boost health and/or weight loss and I find that a lot of people aren’t sure where to start. From choosing a juicing to peeling fruit…so many questions inevitably pop up! With that said, I want to offer these 5 tips that I think can really help make your entire juicing experience run a lot smoother.

1. Get Informed

Buy a book…or three. Watch a few youtube videos. Ask your doctor or nutritionist. Get informed about what you are about to do and how you should go about it. Juicing is a great addition to any diet and can always add health benefits. A full juice diet, however, isn’t for everyone and should only be done under doctor supervision.

I recommend this book by Joe Cross. He’s also written a new book that looks equally exciting and informational. There are also a ton of books full of juicing recipes! Head to the library and do a bit of research. Juicing is easy and fun to do…but you have to be informed.

2. Select a Good Juicer

One of my favorite celebrity chefs is Ina Garten. If you’ve ever read one of her recipe’s she includes ingredients such as ‘good olive oil’ and ‘good mayonnaise’. While the main ingredient is given the ‘good’ portion is left up to the home cook.

The same can be said for juicing. I have a large heavy duty Breville. Why? I juice every day and often three to four times a day. I use it A LOT. I wanted to invest in a machine that had a high output of juice with minimal effort. Choose a juicer that fits your needs. Here is a great Juicer Buying Guide to work from.

3. Prepare Your Ingredients

Juicing is simple right? You just throw in the veg/fruit and you’re good to go. Well…yes and no. You need to wash the fruit first. A lot of stuff can live on the outside of our produce so taking the time to clean it off is an important step.

You’ll also need to cut/tear your produce to fit in your juicer. This may mean taking out the core, peeling, or deseeding. The best way to know if you need to take these extra steps is to read the information that came with your juicer for guidelines.


4. Don’t Toss the Pulp

Once you’ve ran your produce through the juicer, take a look at your pulp. Is it wet/damp? If so run it back through the juicer. This is much easier if you line the pulp bin of your juicer. Running the pulp back through will give you even more juice and dry out the pulp a bit.

What can you do with the pulp? LOTS! You can make veggie burgers, soaps, face masks, soups, compost, stuffing, cake, and even cookies! It is amazingly versatile and incredibly healthy.

5. Make Juice to Order

If at all possible make your juice to order. When juicing the real magic is in the micronutrients the juice streamlines to our bodies. What’s this mean? Well…the longer you let you juice set the less and less you’ll benefit from it.

Taking your juice for lunch? Try sticking it in a thermos or other air tight container and make sure it stays chilled. While the juice can be stored for 24-48 hours it is best when drank right away. The taste also seems to strengthen the longer it sits and juice with ingredients like Kale can taste spoiled.

Juicing can be a fun and invigorating way to spice up your diet! Do you all juice? What’s your favorite juice? Comment below and I may feature your answer in an upcoming post!



Who Needs Coffee? Drink Juice!

Written By Rohn Strong

Every morning, for the past month, I’ve consumed one thing. Juice.

It started as a cleanse but I liked the way my body felt so much that I decided to continue juicing and am LOVING the results.

I’ve been able to reduce my migraines, lose a bit of weight, save time cooking, AND I don’t drink coffee any more! I know…crazy pants!

The last time I drank any coffee was January. At first it just kind of happened because that’s what the cleanse called for, but then I made it a point to make sure I didn’t consume any and to replace it with a morning juice.

I usually wake up at six every morning and make a b-line to the juicer. I immediately make my Morning Go-Go Orange Juice. With the juicer set to high I combine:

6 Carrots
4 Apples
2 Lemons
6 Stalks Celery

This usually makes enough for two meals so I drink one for breakfast and use the other to mix in with a smoothie for lunch. It is incredibly healthy and pretty good for you! The apples help you stay fuller, longer. This is always a huge help when struggling to not snack my way through the day. The celery provide hydration. The lemons are great for digestion and to help your body absorb the nutrients more efficiently. Finally, the carrots contain just about everything that’s right in this world.

This juice is packed full of fiber and the micronutrients your body desires. In the morning we are usually dehydrated from a long night of resorting our bodies so giving yourself this morning jolt of goodness is just what your body needs.

I usually follow this up with a short but brisk 10-15 minute walk, a liter of water, and then get on with my day!

How do you start your day? Are you a coffee slave? Why not try juicing for just a week? I think you’d like it!

7 Secrets to Clean Eating Success

ththup3ytn6xslwf43vy_img_8003Written by Rohn Strong

Whether you are already counting points or just thinking about eating a healthier dinner once a week, here are some secrets to help you succeed…

1) Walk Off Your Next Meal

Sometimes you don’t need to change what you’re eating, you just need to change the amount you’re eating. I keep every meal within the same caloric restrictions. If I cannot walk it off in a reasonable amount of time…there are too many calories.

At my height and weight I burn off about 500 calories if I walk for 45 minutes at a brisk pace. That is a great tool to gauge the size and quantity of what I should eat. This will save you calories and after a few weeks will become second nature. Just make sure to adjust the caloric intake as you lose weight!

2) Be Mindful

Clean eating isn’t just about making sure you’re putting the right foods in your body to keep it running at the optimal setting. It is also about getting your mind and body in sync with one another. You must be mindful.

When cooking a meal, try shutting the kitchen door and focusing on just what you’re doing. Don’t multitask. Focus on the food. Limit distractions.

Doing this gives you the time you need to connect with your food and to connect with what you are going to be making yourself. Clean eating is about detoxifying your mind, body, and soul. Cleaning out all of those areas of life that have gotten clogged over the years.

3) Go Organic…if You Can

One of the benefits of clean eating is that you are limiting yourself to only putting good food in your body. That’s it. We all know that the world is full of stuff that’s not so good for us and often that stuff is injected, sprayed on, or coated on our food.

Going organic means you are keeping those chemicals off your food and out of your body. This is primarily important when juicing or consuming raw fruits and veggies. Washing doesn’t take all of the chemicals off.

The easiest way to go organic? Shop at your farmers market. Don’t have one? Grow your food. Can’t do that? Check your local area for a CSA (community supported agriculture) that you can join! Your body will thank you!


4) Juice

I’ve said it before but I cannot express enough my love of juicing. Why? It is one of the most successful ways of delivering the right nutrients to you body. Think of it as healthy fast food.

Every morning I’m up at 6. I make my family a huge pitcher of Carrot, Apple, and Lemon juice. It is invigorating, full of fiber, and filling as all get out. I don’t drink coffee or tea. My energy is simply from the juice.

Juicing provides some key benefits:

  • Calorie reduction without nutrient deprivation
  • Promotion of healthy eating habits
  • Delicious way to consume fresh produce
  • Floods the body with micronutrients

Not sure about juicing? The best way is to try it just once a day as a snack! Lots of places sell cold pressed juice! Here in Raleigh, I can get it delivered!

5) Get Geeky

Sometimes the excitement of a new adventure burns only long enough for you to see it through one meal. The key is in repetition.

The best way to do this? Immerse yourself in the lifestyle. Cook lots. Read articles. Research cookbooks. Make your library or indie bookstore your best friends. There are so many resources out there for individuals looking to get a bit healthier.

My rule of thumb is to read everything once, making notes as I go about passages or chapters that I’d revisit. Then I go back. Sometimes a book isn’t worth it’s weight in paper and the diet industry is a billion dollar business…so be careful.

However, there are a few gems out there from trusted sources! Dig!

6) Follow the Leader

I often find what I need is to follow. I like a plan. A set workout routine. I want something that I can rely on with certainty.

In 2006 I discovered Leslie Sansone and her Walk at Home program. I HIGHLY recommend it to those of you that cannot get time to get outside and take a walk. If you can only fit 15 minutes in a day…you can walk a mile. Just 15 minutes will clear your mind, airways, and get your heart pumping the way it needs to.

Sitting is the new smoking…we’ve all heard it. Our bodies were meant to move. Get up and move. You’re body (and mind) will thank you! Not to mention…it helps flush toxins…a double benefit!

7) Be Independent

I always heard…YOU NEED A SUPPORT SYSTEM…I call bull crap on that. You don’t need anybody but you. You are strong enough to do this. You are strong enough to succeed.

The truth is…gaining weight is often isolating. Losing weight can be just as isolating. Sometimes a support system just isn’t there and I’m here to tell you…that’s okay. You don’t have to have a weekly meeting, a supportive spouse, or a family that backs you up. If you do? Great! That’s awesome and it might help you succeed even more.

Me? I live far away from most of my family and the support system here at home, isn’t always the best. Can it be lonely? Sure. However, that loneliness is often overtaken by a desire to succeed. You have to learn to be your own support system. No one’s going to be there to help every minute of every day…except you!

Clean eating and getting healthy can be the greatest thing that ever happened to you or it can make you feel trapped in a hamster wheel of kale and hemp protein. How do you make clean eating work for you? I’d love to hear your tips!