RIDGE ROCK GANSEY SET | An Annie’s Signature Designs Crochet Pattern


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I’ve worked for and with Annie’s for the last five years! I can’t believe it’s been that long! Over that time I’ve designed a slew of projects for their different publications and I’m so excited to let you know I have another! YAY!

Last week, Annie’s Signature Designs released their Fall 2019 collection and it’s absolutely gorgeous. I’m always humbled to be in such great company with designers I’ve always admired. Lena Skvagerson has such a beautiful eye for design and brings us designers together to create a truly stand out collection.

My contribution was the Ridge Rock Gansey Set!


These patterns were such fun to design and presented a few challenges. Read all about my design process, inspiration, and then enter our giveaway below!

My Design Process

Designing for a collection is always fun. The theme is usually set and yarn selections are made, which allows me to flex my muscles. I love designing within constrictions. If I don’t have those limitations I tend to simply flail. Lena knows this (I think!) and works with me to come up with the very best design.

We knew a shoulder piece was absolutely needed and I loved the crescent shape of a cowl, but we needed a modern textural update. The shape was difficult to get down if I’m being honest. Crochet doesn’t move organically so working with increases and the right set of stitches, I was able to get it to work.


On top of that, I took advantage of both front and back loops to give the piece the dimension it needed.

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The hat proved much more simple than I originally thought. Everything came together, from the textured stitches to the cables to decreases at the crown. I loved everything about this hat and kind of want to make one…or two for myself!


My Inspiration

This entire collection was inspired by the classic Gansey Sweater. Now, Gansey’s (or Guernsey’s) are hard-wearing sweaters, often seamless, that were worn by the fisherman who spent their days at sea. These sweaters were often knitted by the wives to protect their husbands from the harsh sea life.

Gansey’s are really known for their texture which, for the most part, was reserved the knitwear for many years. However, innovative designers have been able to translate that texture to crochet and the entire Fall 2019 Annie’s Signature Designs collection is a celebration of that texture!

I was so excited to spend a bit of time exploring texture because, for the most part, I’ve spent my career exploring color. To delve deep into texture has made my design brain go a little crazy!

Final Thoughts

To celebrate the launch of Annie’s Signature Designs Fall 2019 launch, I’m SO excited to give away a copy of my pattern, Ridge Rock Gansey Set! All you need to do is comment on this blog post! That’s it!  

Check back next Monday when I reveal our winner!

Thanks so much for checking in with me today! We’ll talk soon friends! If you crochet this up, make sure you snap a few photos and tag me in them on Instagram and show off your project in the Rohn Strong Maker Community on Facebook too!



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  1. This is so lovely. I would love ❤️ to win the patterns to make something for my beautiful daughter. She lives in a cold climate. I do not.

  2. This caught my eye on my morning FB scroll – it’s beautiful! …and looks simple enough for a beginner (hopefully).

  3. This is a beautiful set in my favorite fall colors. And it doesn’t look too difficult for me to male.

  4. My military daughter is in for a Washington State winter this year and I so want to make this set for her… thank you!

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