Adalyn Rose Afghan Block – Free Crochet Pattern

I’ve never really been a huge fan of crochet afghans. I know, I know that’s heresy in the crochet world but, it was just so much work for little reward.

That all changed when I designed this beauty, The Roll Stitch Afghan.

You can still take this class at Annie’s Creative Studio!

Since then, I’ve been obsessed with afghans! From the Palisade Throw (pictures soooooon!) to the Stained Glass Afghan (pictures sooooooon!) I’ve been stitching all the afghans I can. Not really finishing any, but that’s not important is it? It’s all in the making. Who cares If I ever finish one?

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With that said, I’ve never really designed an afghan that I LOVED, like really loved. That was until yesterday. Yep. Yesterday.

I was in the middle of stitching this hat, (stay with me…LOL), and it just wasn’t working out. Every color combo I chose was awful. AWFUL. I mean, the dang thing is STILL sitting in a box waiting to restitched. It was at that time that I jumped on an Instagram Live and started chatting it up. AND I DESIGNED A NEW BLOCK.

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Crochet Lacy Shawls and Step Into Crochet

Now, it’s not groundbreaking. For all intents and purposes…it’s a simple granny square. The color work is what gives this block it’s bang for it’s buck. Let me show you, it’s easier than telling you.

Pattern for the block is below. It’s only the block, not a whole afghan. You can just take the block and combine as many as you’d like to make the afghan you’d like. It’s a really fun and easy to work. You do need a pretty good knowledge of crochet and working with different colors at the same time!

I made a mock up of what this would look like as a finished afghan!

Pretty cool right? You’ll need about 30 of the blocks to make this, which would give you and afghan about 35in. x 42in. without a border. Perfect for a baby/toddler!


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The Adalyn Rose Afghan Block is a chic, easy to stitch, colorful granny square!

– Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in 3 Colors
– G/6 (4mm Crochet Hook)
– Tapestry Needle
– Scissors

Finished Size:
About 7 inches

Abbreviations (US terms):
Ch – chain
Dc – Double Crochet
Sl st – Slip Stitch
Rnd – Round
St(s) – Stitches

Skill Level:
Level 2 – Easy

Pattern Notes:
– Granny square is worked from the center out in joined rounds with RS facing at all times.
– Square uses color changes, to change colors, work until last two loops on hook, join new color, and finish stitch as needed.
– Weave in ends as work progresses.
– Join with a sl st.

Directions for Making:

Ch 4

Rnd 1: 2dc (ch 2, 3dc) three times in 4th ch from hook, ch 2, join to beg ch-4.
Rnd 2: Sl st in each of the next 2dc and in next ch-2 sp, ch 3, (2dc, ch 2, 3dc) in same ch-2 sp, (ch 1, [3dc, ch 2, 3dc]) three more times, ch 1, join to beg ch-3.

Rnd 3: Sl st in each of the next 2dc and in next ch-2 sp, drop A, join B [see figure 1], ch 3, (2dc, ch 2, 3dc) in same ch-2 sp, join A [Figure 2 and 3], *ch 1, 3dc in next ch-1 sp joining B before ending last dc, ch 1, (3dc, ch 2, 3dc) in next ch-2 sp, join A; rep from * around, ch 1, join with a sl st. Finish off A.

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Crochet Lacy Shawls and Step Into Crochet

Round 3

Rnd 4: Sl st in each of the next 2dc and in next ch-2 sp, drop B, join C [see figure 1], ch 3, (2dc, ch 2, 3dc) in same ch-2 sp (see photo below), join B [Figure 2 and 3], *(ch 1, 3dc in next ch-1 sp) twice, joining C before ending last dc, ch 1, (3dc, ch 2, 3dc) in next ch-2 sp, join B; rep from * around, ch 1, join with a sl st.

Processed with VSCO with al1 preset
Round 4

Rnd 5: Sl st in each of the next 2dc and in next ch-2 sp, ch 3, (2dc, ch 2, 3dc) in same ch-2 sp, *ch 1, 3dc in next ch-1 sp, joining B before ending last dc, ch 1, 3dc in next ch-1 sp, join C, ch 1, 3dc in next ch 1 sp, (3dc, ch 2, 3dc) in next ch-2 sp; rep from * around, ch 1, join with a sl st. Finish off B.

Round 5

Rnd 6 and all following rounds:  Sl st in each of the next 2dc and in next ch-2 sp, ch 3, (2dc, ch 2, 3dc) in same ch-2 sp, *ch 1, 3dc in next ch-1 sp; rep from * across to next ch-2 sp, (3dc, ch 2, 3dc) in next ch-2 sp; rep from * around, ch 1, join with a sl st.

Finished Block

And that’s it! Easy peasy puddin’ pie!

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Crochet Lacy Shawls and Step Into Crochet

Now, here is my final tip that just didn’t fit into the pattern. You’ll notice I don’t really mention color changes. That’s simply because I know we all have a preference. Me? I will do ANYTHING to keep from having to weave in ends. ANYTHING.

So, I chose to crochet over the floats of yarn in the back, essentially where I carried the yarn from cluster to cluster. Take a look:

This was the easiest and quickest way to get from color to color. If it’s easier, you could also break the yarn and rejoin as needed!

I hope y’all love this afghan square as much as I do. I’m working on a full afghan pattern with it, so be on the lookout for that in the next month or so. In the meantime I’d love to see your finished blocks! So, if you make one and are on Instagram (first give me a follow here @rohnstrong) use the hashtag #adalynroseblock! I’ll keep an eye out and share them on Instagram!

Until next time y’all!



Free Crochet Pattern – Sunday Stole


Growing up Sunday was the day all the women of my church would dress up. From shawls to hats to dresses, it was a concert of modesty. This shawl is an ode to those women, each of them unique in their own way, each holding a place in my heart.

Sunday’s were also about my Nana and I. The love and kindness she put in my heart is still there. And while I was making this shawl I couldn’t help but think of her. That’s why when I finished it…I gave it right to her.

So, I’m giving it to you all as well. The Sunday Stole is my gift to y’all for being just about as special to me as anyone can be.


You can download the Sunday Stole Pattern, or get it from Ravelry Here.

As for the shawl…here’s a bit of info:

Starting at one end a large number of stitches are cast on and worked up to create the base of the stole. The edging is picked up and worked in a join as you go fashion, anchoring the scarf with a fun pop of lace.

Get creative – this is YOUR shawl! Use 1 color, or 2, or as many as you want. Make it with bright colors, or more relaxed. This is the perfect opportunity to play!

Yarn: Dk/Sport Weight Yarn – Approximately 1100yds/300g in multiple colors

Suggested yarn: Malabrigo Arroyo

Hook: 5mm

Notions: Tapestry Needle

Gauge: 4.5 sts in pattern stitch equals 4”

Finished Measurements: Wingspan – 65.5in

Techniques to Indulge In: Chain, Double Crochet, Chain, Clusters, Decreases…you know…FUN!


Adirondeck Cardi: New Tunisian Crochet Pattern Release

I’m so happy to share that I’ve just released my latest Tunisian Knitting pattern, Adirondeck. You can purchase Adirondeck on Ravelry, or keep reading for more links at the end of this post.

If you are a sucker for a cropped cardi like I am, I hope you’ll fall in love with Adirondeck.


Adirondeck is a tunisian crocheters take on the favorite summer accessory…the cropped cardi. Named for my favorite summer porch accessory (those chairs are SO comfy), Adirondeck is a fetching lace detailed cardi that’s a little bit retro and a little bit traditional.

Because Tunisian crochet can be a bit unruly (we all hate that curl), Adirondeck takes advantage of that curl and uses it as a design feature while sticking to an easy to work garment perfect for summer. It’s an enjoyable, quick crochet, and the results look much more complicated than it is!


In my teaser post earlier this week, I said that Adirondeck uses a great acrylic yarn from Premier yarns to really give the piece an overall polished look and feel. For the best results, your yarn should be an aran/worsted #4 yarn in any fiber (wool or acrylic or silk).

Adirondeck is a relatively quick crocheted piece, great for a last minute gift or super quick summer project!


  • Premier Yarns Deborah Norville Everyday Worsted, 100% Acrylic, 4oz/113g/203yds/186m, 100-23 Mist, 3 (4, 4, 5) balls
  • 6mm Tunisian hook
  • Yarn Needle

Yarn Alternatives

You can use any Aran or worsted weight yarn in this pattern for a similar effect.


Work 14Tks and 16 rows to measure 4x4in./10x10cm using 6mm Tunisian hook, or size required to obtain tension.






To Fit Bust (in.)





To Fit Bust (cm)





Actual Bust (in.)

31 1/2

35 1/2

39 1/2

43 1/2

Actual Bust (cm)





Sleeve Seam (in.)





Sleeve Seam (cm)





Length (in.)

14 3/4

15 3/4

16 3/4

17 3/4

Length (cm)





How to Buy the Pattern

You can buy the pattern directly from Ravelry, even if your not a member!

Or, you can visit the Adirondeck pattern page to add it to your Ravelry queue or purchase from there.

Interested in one of my other patterns? Visit my design page on Ravelry for a few more links.

I hope you LOVE Adirondeck as much as I do. It is truly of of my favorite patterns I’ve ever designed. I’ll be sharing a bit more about this pattern later next week…and more info about our Tunisian Crochet Along!


A Cowl for the Candy Lovers!

$2 Pattern Price is only good for the first 100 people! Get them while they’re here…chances are by the end of the day, they will be gone!


This cowl, inspired by the golden leaves of fall, is an homage to my love for that strange confection…that’s right boys and girls…candy corn.

What is more iconic and more ‘octoberish’ than a big bowl of rock hard candy corn that your grandmother has had sitting on the table in the same candy dish for six years. Or is it sixty?


This cowl is worked in the round from the bottom up in a chevron/flame stitch accented with little candy corns. The cowl is quick enough to be worked up in a weekend or one sitting of your favorite holiday movie.

The pattern is fully charted and easy to customize. Want a longer cowl? Work more repeats. What a wider cowl? Work more rows!

It really is that easy.

Purchase the pattern here for just $2.00 and be one of the only 100 to get this pattern for this price!

Happy Halloween!

7 Secrets to Clean Eating Success

ththup3ytn6xslwf43vy_img_8003Image via Pixabay Free for commercial use and No attribution required

Whether you are already counting points or just thinking about eating a healthier dinner once a week, here are some secrets to help you succeed…

1) Walk Off Your Next Meal

Sometimes you don’t need to change what you’re eating, you just need to change the amount you’re eating. I keep every meal within the same caloric restrictions. If I cannot walk it off in a reasonable amount of time…there are too many calories.

At my height and weight I burn off about 500 calories if I walk for 45 minutes at a brisk pace. That is a great tool to gauge the size and quantity of what I should eat. This will save you calories and after a few weeks will become second nature. Just make sure to adjust the caloric intake as you lose weight!

2) Be Mindful

Clean eating isn’t just about making sure you’re putting the right foods in your body to keep it running at the optimal setting. It is also about getting your mind and body in sync with one another. You must be mindful.

When cooking a meal, try shutting the kitchen door and focusing on just what you’re doing. Don’t multitask. Focus on the food. Limit distractions.

Doing this gives you the time you need to connect with your food and to connect with what you are going to be making yourself. Clean eating is about detoxifying your mind, body, and soul. Cleaning out all of those areas of life that have gotten clogged over the years.

3) Go Organic…if You Can

One of the benefits of clean eating is that you are limiting yourself to only putting good food in your body. That’s it. We all know that the world is full of stuff that’s not so good for us and often that stuff is injected, sprayed on, or coated on our food.

Going organic means you are keeping those chemicals off your food and out of your body. This is primarily important when juicing or consuming raw fruits and veggies. Washing doesn’t take all of the chemicals off.

The easiest way to go organic? Shop at your farmers market. Don’t have one? Grow your food. Can’t do that? Check your local area for a CSA (community supported agriculture) that you can join! Your body will thank you!


4) Juice

I’ve said it before but I cannot express enough my love of juicing. Why? It is one of the most successful ways of delivering the right nutrients to you body. Think of it as healthy fast food.

Every morning I’m up at 6. I make my family a huge pitcher of Carrot, Apple, and Lemon juice. It is invigorating, full of fiber, and filling as all get out. I don’t drink coffee or tea. My energy is simply from the juice.

Juicing provides some key benefits:

  • Calorie reduction without nutrient deprivation
  • Promotion of healthy eating habits
  • Delicious way to consume fresh produce
  • Floods the body with micronutrients

Not sure about juicing? The best way is to try it just once a day as a snack! Lots of places sell cold pressed juice! Here in Raleigh, I can get it delivered!

5) Get Geeky

Sometimes the excitement of a new adventure burns only long enough for you to see it through one meal. The key is in repetition.

The best way to do this? Immerse yourself in the lifestyle. Cook lots. Read articles. Research cookbooks. Make your library or indie bookstore your best friends. There are so many resources out there for individuals looking to get a bit healthier.

My rule of thumb is to read everything once, making notes as I go about passages or chapters that I’d revisit. Then I go back. Sometimes a book isn’t worth it’s weight in paper and the diet industry is a billion dollar business…so be careful.

However, there are a few gems out there from trusted sources! Dig!

6) Follow the Leader

I often find what I need is to follow. I like a plan. A set workout routine. I want something that I can rely on with certainty.

In 2006 I discovered Leslie Sansone and her Walk at Home program. I HIGHLY recommend it to those of you that cannot get time to get outside and take a walk. If you can only fit 15 minutes in a day…you can walk a mile. Just 15 minutes will clear your mind, airways, and get your heart pumping the way it needs to.

Sitting is the new smoking…we’ve all heard it. Our bodies were meant to move. Get up and move. You’re body (and mind) will thank you! Not to mention…it helps flush toxins…a double benefit!

7) Be Independent

I always heard…YOU NEED A SUPPORT SYSTEM…I call bull crap on that. You don’t need anybody but you. You are strong enough to do this. You are strong enough to succeed.

The truth is…gaining weight is often isolating. Losing weight can be just as isolating. Sometimes a support system just isn’t there and I’m here to tell you…that’s okay. You don’t have to have a weekly meeting, a supportive spouse, or a family that backs you up. If you do? Great! That’s awesome and it might help you succeed even more.

Me? I live far away from most of my family and the support system here at home, isn’t always the best. Can it be lonely? Sure. However, that loneliness is often overtaken by a desire to succeed. You have to learn to be your own support system. No one’s going to be there to help every minute of every day…except you!

Clean eating and getting healthy can be the greatest thing that ever happened to you or it can make you feel trapped in a hamster wheel of kale and hemp protein. How do you make clean eating work for you? I’d love to hear your tips!