The Only Seasoning You’ll Ever Need!

When you eat clean, you have to learn to season the heck out of your food. It's not that EVERYTHING tastes bad. It's more that you need to flavor the food in different ways just to make sure you don't get too bored. This season mix is one that I use every single day. I… Continue reading The Only Seasoning You’ll Ever Need!


Tofu Ricotta and Marinara Pasta Bake

I'll admit it. I had a tough time coming up with that title. Come on, though...what do I call this? BESIDES DELICIOUS? This is one of the easiest recipe's you'll ever make and there's enough for an army (or for a weeks worth of dinners if you usually cook for one or two). What do… Continue reading Tofu Ricotta and Marinara Pasta Bake


House Marinara Sauce

Everyone has their own version of Marinara Sauce, right? Growing up I was relegated to eating that horrible red stuff that comes in the glass jar and flavored with simply...MEAT. What kind of flavor is that anyway? Don't I want a tomato sauce to taste know...tomatoes? Not...meat? Or a sorry substitute for it? So,… Continue reading House Marinara Sauce


Southern Portobello and Kale Salad

In the south we all eat, what we call, Greens a.k.a Collards a.k.a Collard Greens Whatever you call them, usually the dish consists of smoked meat of some kind, salt, some kind of hot sauce, collard greens, and...of course...butter. Yup. Greens and butter. That's why they taste so darn good. Well, I needed another option… Continue reading Southern Portobello and Kale Salad