Photo shoot Day and Pattern Sneak Peek!

Some days are just made for a photo shoot. Today was one of those days! The sun hid behind the clouds long enough for us to get a few pictures of a couple of new designs I can’t wait to share with y’all – a color work hat and a knit-look hat!

Did you know those cloudy, kinda rainy, and cold days are the best for photo shoots? Seriously! It really gives the perfect conditions for editing your photos! Can you believe these were all taken on my iPhone? I edited them using a free App too. It’s called VSCO and, while there is a bit of a learning curb, once you get the hang of it editing you photos is quite simple!

Should I write a post up all about how I edit my photos?

Anyways, the patterns for these hats will be available this month. Both work up in NO time, and require just basic knowledge of crochet stitches and working in the round. Even the color-work hat! That one right there? Wait y’all. It’s going t blow your mind how simple it is!

You’ll see each of these great hats over the next two weeks! Which one is your favorite?


Have I Got a CAL for YOU!

Christmas came a bit early for all of y’all! This week my Roll Stitch Afghan CAL was released on the Annie’s Creative Studio website! How cool is that? 

I’ll be blogging a bit more about this pattern over the coming month, but here is the rundown:

Introducing the Roll Stitch Afghan Crochetalong! The roll stitch, also known as the bullion or rice stitch, features a beautiful texture that is oh-so touchable. This gorgeous afghan, designed by Rohn Strong with motif designs by Bonnie Bloom Pierce, features six different motifs with variations of the roll stitch. 

The beautiful yarn used in the Roll Stitch Afghan Crochetalong is courtesy of Premier Yarns.

Each episode will cover one of the motifs, which are worked from the center out. They feature three different colors of Premier Yarns Everyday Soft Worsted. After all 48 motifs are complete, they are then joined and the border is worked in the round, with a few more roll stitches for good measure!

For the Afghan you’ll need:


  • Premier Everyday Soft Worsted medium (worsted) weight acrylic yarn (4 oz/203 yds/113g per ball): 6 balls #100-23 mist 5 balls #100-02 cream 4 balls #100-20 orchid
  • Sizes F/5/3.75mm regular crochet hook and 7/4.5mm in-line crochet hook without thumb rest or sizes needed to obtain gauge
  • Tapestry needle

You can sign up for Annie’s Creative Studio for FREE today and get started right away! The first two episodes are now available on the website! How cool is that?

Happy December, 


Top Tips for Combating Hand Pain While Crocheting

I hear it all the time…”Why does my arm/hand hurt so much?” 

In fact, I was just teaching a class at my local yarn shop and a knitter, who wanted to learn a bit more about Tunisian crochet, told me it was quite painful and difficult to get used too.

Crochet can hurt. “Can” being the operative word. For many, it doesn’t. For most, it does. 

Why is this? Well, I’m not exactly a medical professional. Dropping out of community college kind of disqualifies you from giving medical advice. However, I am a crocheter, and have been crocheting most of my life. 

Crochet can hurt but, it doesn’t have to. 

Today I’m going to give you a few of my ways to combat the general aches and pains that come along with crocheting. 

Take Breaks
It’s the number one advice that I give. Crocheting, especially if you’ve never done it before/in a long time, uses a whole set of different muscles and you may not be used to using them. So, take breaks. You’ll thank yourself later. I crochet for about 8 hours a day, most days. So, every hour (or an episode of Gilmore Girls) I get up, walk around and stretch. That’s all you need to do. That little bit of movement gives your hands the break they need. 

Ice Baths
Okay, so, not like your whole body. That’s crazy. But a good ice bath for your hands does wonders. It improves circulation, gives you the blood flow that you need to your fingers, and is very refreshing. I’ve used Ice Baths for years and they really do help. Especially for pain management.

Take Longer Breaks
Sometimes, you can overdo it. Sometimes, that means you need to take some time off from crocheting. Right now, I’m on a break. Why? Well, I’ve been working on a bunch of Tunisian crochet projects. This means, my forearms and fingers are quite numb and in pain. Why? Well, I’m testing out new Tunisian hooks and SPOILER, I don’t like them. Not one bit. So, I won’t be crocheting for at least a week. 

Hand and finger stretching is a routine you should be getting into each day. Most people don’t think they need to stretch. You do. Finger and hand pain can be easily relieved by simply stretching in some cases. Here is the exact routine I useP.S. want to treat yourself? Get a massage!

Choose a Different Hook
Choosing ergonomic crochet hooks can be the best option for many crocheters. Often, the pain we feel is because we’re not used to holding that thin object in our hands and working with it. So, when we use a hook with a large handle, it can make life a lot easier. Skip the skinny metal hooks and go with a wooden or plastic ergonomic hook. These are lifesavers. 

These Furls hooks are amazing!

And there you have it! My top tips to combat the aches and pains associated with crochet. Have you tried any of these? Do you have any tips? Share them in the comments below!

5 Tips to DIY Your Autumn Decor!


There’s a day, usually just one, in October, when the wind cuts through my jacket. When my nose can detect the hint of a chill in the air. This year…that day didn’t happen until November 2nd.

No matter when it happens, it’s always a welcomed feeling here in North Carolina. Fall is our gift for making it through the harsh and humid winter. When the days begin at six and the nights at five. When we can sit outside wrapped in our outerwear, sipping our tea, and enjoying those fleeting fall feelings.

It also means I get to decorate for fall. As a crafter, autumn has always been my very favorite time of year to decorate for. Those three weeks between Halloween and Christmas when orange and gold hues fill my small one bedroom apartment.

This year, I thought it would be a grand idea to share my favorite crafting patterns, to add a special DIY touch to your home!

  1. The Northwoods Sunset Quilt Pattern – really this could be an all year kind of quilt but I love the browns, oranges, greens, and tan hues! It’s perfect for 10″ precut squares too, which I always have a handful of. Listen, quilts are the perfect accents to any room. I love to leave mine folded over the arm of the couch. It adds a pop of color in an unexpected place and you’ll always be ready to snuggle up on the sofa when the time comes.
  2. Serenity Wall Hanging Crochet Pattern – this year is definitely the year of the wall hanging. They’re a huge trend all over Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. This wall hanging is the perfect accent for your home, and uses just a few skeins of chunky yarn! The great thing about these wall hangings is that you can make a few, in different colors, and switch them out throughout the year!
  3. GIVE THANKS Large Palette Sign – This gorgeous and easy to make palette sign would look amazing in any entryway. Mine hangs right above my entryway table and instead of yellow, I went with green to give it a more farmhouse chic look!
  4. Fall Leaf Floating Frame Wall Decor – these easy and fun to create frames are perfect for above the mantle, in the kitchen, or (like mine) hanging right above my desk! It’s also a fun time to jump on the calligraphy train!
  5. DIY Holiday Doormat with Snapfish – Amber over at Damask Love has done. it. again. The minute I saw her on Home and Family making this easy DIY Gingham Table, I knew I had to make one. It’s the perfect addition to my studio! It’s a simple, colorful, DIY project that’ll make one heck of a first impression! (Sorry for the bad photo – just click on the link to watch the video!)

Adding a touch of DIY to your fall decor shouldn’t be difficult. With these fun and easy DIY projects, you’ll have the handmade home you’ve always wanted – in a jiffy!




Punching Into 2019

It’s inevitable.

Really, it is.

Right around October of every year, I manage to find something new I love and I just have to immerse myself. Right up to the neck.

2018 is the year of the Punch Needle.

I heard your gasp through the computer screen. You’re probably thinking, “Rohn…what’s punch needle?” or “I used to do that in the 70s…or 80s…” or “I LOVE PUNCH NEEDLE!”

There doesn’t seem to be an in between. You love it or have no idea what it is. Well…let me give you a sneak peek at my very first punch needle project/design.


Isn’t that gorgeous? Alright…so…moving on from all the gorgeousness let’s talk about exactly what Punch Needle is and why I’m obsessed.

Punch Needle Rug Hooking is just a different way of traditional rug hooking. Instead of using strips of fabric (as in traditional rugs) it often uses 3-ply wool rug yarn. What you see in the picture above is the wrong side, which you work facing you. The Right Side, the side with all the loops, is on the back.

I discovered Punch Needle Rug Hooking on Instagram. Specifically from Bookhou (give her a follow). That led me to a Youtube video (it always does…doesn’t it?) and after watching this video I was hooked!

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1.  Crochet Lacy Shawls / 2. Step Into Crochet / 3. New Methods for Crochet Socks

Over the weekend I made my way out to Creative Threads, a local yarn shop here in Wake Forest, NC. It was a great little shop and without really intending to, I bought two yards of Monks Cloth and a Punch Needle…and a little wool. Always a little wool.


I spent the rest of Saturday and Sunday punching the piece above. It’s incredibly relaxing and so much fun. It really is like painting with yarn.

And it’s easy.

Did I mention that? It is incredibly simple to do! You just press your threaded punch needle through the monks cloth, it pushes down a long end of yarn, you pull the needle back up and it folds the end into a loop. That’s it! There are no knots, no tying, nothing. It’s fast, fun, and…you guessed it…easy!

Today I’m working on building myself a carpet tack frame to make larger rugs on. I thought I’d try that out before investing in some of the more expensive frames. I’ll share my process here on the blog so you can follow along.

If you’d like to follow my punching…along with all the other stuff I love doing. Make sure to give me a follow somewhere below:



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Talk to y’all soon!