It’s Time for CRAFTY VLOGS!

I feel like there is always something going on around Rohn Strong HQ, especially here on the blog. I always manage to miss one or two things. Most importantly, I missed telling you all about my new Weekly Crafty Vlog!

So, what’s a Vlog?

A vlog is somewhere in between a blog and a video. I share everything about my daily in’s and outs with little snippets of the my crafty goings on throughout my day.

There is always a lot of crafting.

A lot.

My youtube channel is a bit sparse right now but it’s growing weekly! I have four vlogs. I’ll link them all below with a little summary of what I chatted about! I’d love it if you could stop by and say HEY! Subscribe to my channel and like a video…or two!


This week was my first vlog! Yay! I’ve got a whole lot of filming, quilting, knitting, crochet, and more!


I had my first Photoshoot for my new Punch Needle book AND I share progress on my Memory Quilt for my Nana!


I FINISHED MY BOOK! It was a long long week but I was so excited to finally finish my book!


I gave Nana her Memory quilt and I take y’all with me to Indiana! There’s not a whole lot of crafting but a whole lot of hand sewing!

I really hope you enjoyed seeing my crafty weeks! I’m so excited to share my progress and a little slice of my life. If you’re interested in continuing our conversation, follow me on Instagram and show off your projects in the Rohn Strong Maker Community on Facebook too!