Sweet Granny Square Baby Blanket – Free Crochet

A blanket perfect for an afternoon Sunday snuggle – my Sweet Granny Square Baby Blanket – is my newest free crochet pattern with Red Heart Yarns!

Read through my inspiration, design process, and lots of info on this amazing new yarn from Red Heart or download the full PDF pattern and shop at Red Heart Yarns HERE.

One of my favorite jobs is working with Red Heart Yarns. Often, this means getting to try out all the new yarns that y’all don’t even know are on the horizon! It’s SO cool!

The Yarn

When my editor over at Red Heart (Hhheeeeyyyy Cat!) asked me if I’d be down to crochet with this new yarn called Bear Hugs…I had no idea what to expect.

Let me tell you, I’ve never crocheted with a cloud…until now. Bear Hugs is a super soft and super snuggly yarn. It’s like a cloud of fleece with tiny pops of color which makes it even more fun to knit and crochet with. Plus…it’s bulky weight which means it’s SO fast to work with.

Bear Hugs also happens to come in a limited but beautiful color palette. It’s modern and youthful without being overly ‘baby’. I chose to use two colors,
Coral Crush and Fluff. The pop of coral keeps it modern but totally gender neutral. I just love this combo too. Each color has it’s own little splash of fluff which means they all work together so well! You can browse them all here.

The Inspiration

Everytime I get a new yarn I’m never sure what to design! I want something that shows off the yarn but it needs to be fun. Like, a lot of fun.

What came to mind? Well a GRANNY SQUARE of course. I know, I know…you’re probably sick and tired of me and my granny’s already aren’t you? No? Good…cause I can’t stop.

Modern Granny’s are the easiest way to show off yarn. It’s like a fresh palette and I get to spice it up any way I can. In this baby blanket I was able to let the texture of the yarn really shine in these simple double crochet stitches. It also creates a striking graphic print by combining the two colors and striping every two rows.


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Red Heart Yarns Bear Hugs (Weight: 5/Bluky – 7oz, 229 yds)
Colors: Coral Crush and Fluff (1 ball each)

Size N/15 (10mm) crochet hook

Tapestry Needles



Gauge is not critical for this project.

Finished Measurements:

Blanket Measures about 40″ square

Tips and Tricks:

This yarn can be a little tricky to work with at first but, here’s the thing, the easiest way to learn is to just do it!

When changing colors, work until the last stitch indicated and pull through. Carry your yarns up each row as you work. Breaking yarn and weaving in ends is an option but…I don’t like weaving in ends sooooo…I avoid that.

Stripes happen every 2nd row. If desired stripe every row or work the blanket in one color! Just make sure you buy enough yarn.

This blanket can be worked in any Weight 5/Bulky yarn. It’s totally up to you. Just keep in mind, it’s worked at a loose gauge to accomodate the fluffiness of yarn. Keep this in mind!

Weaving in ends and laundering isn’t something I’ve tested with this yet. So, to be safe weave in your ends long and deep. Hide those suckers like their your grandma’s diamonds in the flour*.

Alrighty, I think that’s it for now! Have a good one y’all and happy crocheting!

*Totes a golden girls reference.

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