Quilting Masterpieces: A Conversation with Nancy Scott

When I met Nancy Scott a few years back, I wasn’t a quilter. Heck, I’d barely sat at a sewing machine since 8th grade home economics…that was back in the day when it was required for graduation! 

Nancy, for those of you that may not know, is an author, designer, teacher, and owner of Masterpiece Quilting, LLC. She is Masterpiece Quilting on FB, @masterpiecequilting on IG, and via her blog at www.masterpiecequilting.blogspot.com.She even has a new book out that I can’t wait to dive into. More about that later!

Now, onto the conversation!

Hey Nancy! Thanks for stopping by today! I can’t wait to get to know you a little better. Okay, so, we all love a good origin story! Tell me, how did you get started sewing?

I grew up with an incredibly crafty Grandmother, so I was exposed to crochet, quilting, and needlepoint at a young age.  Grandma made a lot of my clothes when I was little, so it only made sense for me to start sewing too. Participating in 4-H I completed craft and sewing projects which further honed my skills.  Since I was always “large” as a kid, it was hard to find stylish clothes in my size – but sewing allowed me to wear items I couldn’t find in my size.

What led you to quilt design?

As a competitive person, I started entering quilts that I had long arm quilted into national level shows.  Many shows required a letter of permission from the pattern designer to enter the quilt, which sometimes was challenging to get. Since I knew how I wanted the finished quilt to look, I started to design my own patterns “in reverse”, so I would have room for pretty quilting in the borders and setting blocks and then fill in with the piecing blocks that complemented the quilting I had planned.    

I love hearing about the ‘maker journey’. The journey that leads all of us creative entrepreneurs right where we are supposed to be. Can you give us a glimpse into your journey? Your struggles? Your triumphs?

I switched careers in 2006 and allowed my creative side to come out. Previously I had been using my degrees in production management and economics so well that many people didn’t know that I even had a creative side! I still struggle between left brain / right brain control of my business – so I have ultimately let each part have time in my schedule.  I have a time dedicated to design, creativity and play and a time set for business stuff – marketing, bookkeeping, etc.

You have such an eye for design, what continues to inspire you?

If I had to classify my design style, I’m a modern traditionalist.  I allow traditional quilt making to inspire what I do now. It’s like paying homage to quilters of previous generations (such as my grandma) who created and crafted without the fancy design software and sewing and quilting gadgets that we have today.

I allow nature to play a role in my inspiration.  I take photographs of nature and then play around with the color schemes that God has given us.

Do you have a particular design you love more than others? I recently saw you traveled to Quilt Market and, let me tell you, that Fractured Quilt Pattern worked in Island Batik’s Oh Deer? I want it! It’s gorgeous. So, if I had to choose – that would be it! Ha!

It’s hard to pick a favorite!  It’s like picking a favorite child – which is impossible.  I like each of my designs for different reasons. I see my growth as a designer as I look back over my designs.  I love the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson “Life is a journey, not a destination” and that applies to my designs as well.  I’m on a design journey, not a design destination. Every designer faces the challenge where there are patterns that we love personally, but customers might not love from a purchase standpoint.

You’ve recently released a book, can you tell us a bit about it?

Masterpiece Quilting’s 2018 Christmas Collection is my latest book and it features 11 different designs that are perfect for Holiday decorating.

As I designed each of the projects for this book, I focused on getting the most impact out of each piece as possible. Regardless of your decorating style, there is something in this book that is sure to please.  I’ve divided the projects based on the primary areas of the home – dining room, bedroom and living room. The holidays are traditionally associated with celebratory meals and the projects in this book will have your dining room set for any occasion. Regardless of whether you have guests spending the night or the bed is simply a gathering place for coats and hats, your bedroom will be seasonally styling with these options. And for those who sit and visit, your living room will be comfortable and inviting.

Why do you think the Holidays and quilting go hand in hand?

The Holidays tend to reflect handmade – whether it be food, gift or decor.  Quilts fit perfectly as they allow you to gift, to decorate and to share your love with others.

If you could give a beginner sewist some advice, what would it be?

Don’t be hard on yourself – enjoy the process.  Even if you are a perfectionist, if you have made something with love – the love will be reflected in the finished project.  

Lastly, where can readers find you?

I’m Masterpiece Quilting on FB, @masterpiecequilting on IG, and via blog at www.masterpiecequilting.blogspot.com

Thanks so much for stopping by Nancy! And thank y’all for stopping by! Make sure you head over to Nancy’s website and take a peek around! You’re bound to find something you love!

Till next time, 


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