Finding Inspiration

It’s the number one question all of us designers are asked. Where do we find inspiration?


Every interview I’ve ever done has featured some iteration of this question. Honestly, ever time I’m stumped. Where do I find my inspiration? It seems like the minute I think about it, it’s gone. 

Today, while trying to think of what to blog for Day 4 of my 31 days of Blogging challenge I’ve set for myself…I was stumped. I’ve spent most of the morning on mundane tasks that most of y’all would find boring as all get out. Rearranging the couch, planning the day, finding the perfect classical radio station to listen while I dive headfirst into emails. Things we all do. 

Then, while sitting down at my computer I noticed a small icon. A rug from a few months back I found on Pinterest and saved the photo. I’d share it here but I’m not sure who owns the copyright…so let me describe it. 

It’s a large welcome rug that reads, “Home Sweet Home. There is a blue background with a lime greed edging and three pineapples. The Pineapples are large and welcoming. I fell in LOVE with this rug a few months back and wanted to design my own version.

This time, inspiration came in the form of a picture. 

Last night, while crocheting a new design for Red Heart, I was using a new unique stitch pattern I’m in love with. Immediately I thought, this would make the perfect afghan. 

This time, inspiration came in the form of a stitch. 

The other day I was looking at my favorite website for knit designs. I saw a hat and thought, “I wonder if I could do something similar in crochet? Probably not. Well…why not try?”

This time, inspiration came in the form of a knit design. 

Last month while at Colonial Williamsburg I saw a quilt on display and fell in love with the simplicity. Whilst there I purchased fabric and came up with a plan to sew it right away. 

This time, inspiration came in the form of a museum trip. 

That’s the secret of inspiration. It can come from just about anywhere. It never runs out. It never really goes away. You just have to be willing to see it. When you do? Take it. Run with it. Because sometimes…it does hide. 

When you get a good idea, write it down. I keep a folder of design ideas on my computer. I have one for each rug hooking, quilting, knitting, and crochet. I find that when I’m hurting for inspiration this folder is often a good jumping off point. It doesn’t always mean I’ll design something similar to what’s in these folders, it often just gets my creative juices flowing. The more creative you are, the more creative you’ll continue to be. That’s how that works…right?


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