Photo shoot Day and Pattern Sneak Peek!

Some days are just made for a photo shoot. Today was one of those days! The sun hid behind the clouds long enough for us to get a few pictures of a couple of new designs I can’t wait to share with y’all – a color work hat and a knit-look hat!

Did you know those cloudy, kinda rainy, and cold days are the best for photo shoots? Seriously! It really gives the perfect conditions for editing your photos! Can you believe these were all taken on my iPhone? I edited them using a free App too. It’s called VSCO and, while there is a bit of a learning curb, once you get the hang of it editing you photos is quite simple!

Should I write a post up all about how I edit my photos?

Anyways, the patterns for these hats will be available this month. Both work up in NO time, and require just basic knowledge of crochet stitches and working in the round. Even the color-work hat! That one right there? Wait y’all. It’s going t blow your mind how simple it is!

You’ll see each of these great hats over the next two weeks! Which one is your favorite?


2 Comments on “Photo shoot Day and Pattern Sneak Peek!

  1. The bottom hat is gorgeous. Yes, please do a post about photo editing.

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