New-ish Beginnings and A New Pattern!

Hello Loves!

Here in North Carolina, as August gives way to September, we begin to dream of fall. Muscadines, watermelons, and peaches fill the grocery stores, and summer sends her final bit of warmth our way. It’s a time to reflect on the gifts that summer has given us while preparing for the cool fall temperatures we all love so much.

For me, fall means the opposite of what it means for most yarnie folks. I know, I know…I’m a heretic but I just don’t crochet a whole lot in the fall/winter. Most of my crochet is done during the spring and summer. For me, fall means being outside. Exploring the mountains and valleys around me. Traveling to see the beauty of North Carolina. I really do love my home here.


I mean, just look at this view! Okay…so this isn’t in my backyard but it’s just a few hour drive! The Smokey Mountains really do have my heart. Have you ever visited a place and thought, “This is home?”, even if you’ve never been there? These mountains did for me.

Along with all the fun stuff I’ve been doing over here, last week was full of new pattern releases and fun excitements!


Most of you heard about my new Crochet Along right? It’s totally free to join our CAL. Simply head to our Facebook group here and join. Once you’re a member you’ll find lots of information about sizing, yarn choice, and how we’ll loosely structure this CAL. We’ll be crocheting the Surf and Sand Socks!

We also have PRIZES! For every finished pair of sock you make, you’ll be entered to win one of two Prize Packs courtesy of Red Heart Yarns! A pair of crochet socks and a chance to win a prize pack? That’s one heck of a September!

And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for daily updates!

I’ve also got a new pattern out today. It’s named the Harlan Top! It’s an easy and unique construction, worked side to side, seamed, and then it’s ready to wear! The sample is shown in an X-Small/Small on a 38-inch bust. Model is approximately 5’5” in height.

JPEG image-6225C3EC55B5-20.jpeg

This pattern is three pages, with very straightforward directions. Two panels are created separately and seamed up the center with a single crochet seam. This is an easy pattern perfect as a first garment!

It is also extremely easy to size up and down – just work fewer or more rows!

The individual pattern has been released and is available for 50% off, that’s just $3.25 for the pattern! Get the pattern here!

Until next week, I hope you find love, happiness, and joy in every day.



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