How to Test Knit for Rohn Strong!

Hey Y’all!

I get this question. A lot. Like…a lot a lot. So, I thought it might be advantageous for me to create a post I can link people back to every once in awhile! So, you want to test a pattern for me? Cool! But, it’s a job and it takes a bit of dedication…so read on to see how I choose my testers and how you can get your pretty face signed up!

Every designer is different. Some of us use a whole slew of testers and change them out each time. Others have a dedicated team they use again and again.

Me? I do my own thing. Sometimes, I ask friends. Sometimes, I don’t use testers at all. Other times, I sign up everyone that asks! It just depends on how I’m feeling and the project I’m working. With that said, I’ve decided to tell you some of the things I consider when choosing testers!


I have quite an extensive-ish application to become a tester. That’s because it is a job to me. You are creating the item and in return getting the pattern for free! That’s a sweet deal because most of my patterns sit in the $6-8 range. You’ll also get the first crack at all future tests.

The application to test changes with each pattern. For example, if it’s a Tunisian shawl…I will need to know your Tunisian skill level.

Tip: Don’t lie about your skill level. I purposely choose crocheters from skill level! This helps me ensure the pattern is beginner friendly enough, or if I need to be more clear somewhere!

I’ll ask for photos of past completed projects as well as your Instagram handle. Why? Well, I want to make sure you can take awesome photos of your piece that I’ll be able to share on social media and on my Ravelry listing. This will all be done with your permission and you’ll always get credit for the photo…which means more traffic to your instagram and Ravelry/website. With that said…I do not choose based on the numbers of followers…that’s silly. I just want to make sure you can take a rockin’ photo of my design when you’re finished! It also means that the more you post about the project on your feed the more people will get to know me. Win – Win – Win – Win!

Here’s the big kahuna though: Pattern Testing Experience.

You do not have to have tested before. You absolutely do have to be willing to give feedback on the pattern we are working.


Each pattern test will be announced on Social Media. That’s here on Facebook in my group, here on Facebook on my page, and here on Instagram!

If you follow along there, you’ll get all the info for the application. Fill that out and I’ll email you back within a week or so if you’ve been chosen. If not, then you’ll just need to apply next time! I’ll also create a page here (link in progress) that lists all of my current pattern test calls.

So, I hope that helps you all!