Free Pattern Monday and a Hook Review!

Monday’s…aren’t my thang.

They usually consist of me struggling to get up and out of bed. Stumbling to the kitchen. Fixing a smoothie. And sitting in a chair where I’ll inevitably fall asleep and wake up to the wonderful feeling of Chase licking my face.

Well…I’m changing that. Right here and right now.

From now on, we’re going to celebrate Mondays with a FREE Pattern! Yep. It’s the best way to knock Monday right in the face.

Today, I’m sharing with you one of my new-ish patterns I think I forgot to share a while back. The Surf and Sand Socks!


I designed these for Red Heart a few months back and really…really…love them. They are quick to stitch up, fit a large variety of sizes, and are SO fun to make. Seriously. You’ll want a pair in every color!

Need some tips on crocheting socks? Head to a blog post I wrote for Red Heart Here!

If you really really love crochet socks you can always purchase my Annie’s book, New Method’s for Crochet Socks or take my online class, Learn to Crochet Socks! Not to mention my book, Step Into Crochet!

Now…onto the hook review!

A few months ago I was contacted by Louet Yarns and asked to give their crochet hooks a whirl. I’d not used them before, which meant I just had to give them a test drive.

The first thing I noticed was…these are different.

Not in a good or bad way but in a…”Huh…this is different” kind of way. Does that make any sense? Clear as mud? Good.


Now, right off the bat, you’ll notice that the thumb rest is quite deep and recessed. If you like this kind of thing, it won’t take as much of an adjustment as it did for me. I’m more of a round hook with a raised thumb rest kind of crocheter, so, such a deep groove felt strange.

The hook is also surprisingly light. I mean, this sucker could fly if it were any lighter. There are two options for heads, round and pointed. I chose to test both of them in the same yarn in the same size. Scientific…right? Here’s an up-close look at the heads.


I have it the good college try with these. I worked back and forth between them. Crocheting with one style and then the other.

Did I notice a big difference?

Yes and no. The pointy one is really pointy. Like take an eye out pointy and it split the yarn I was working with over and over. That was on me. The round hook is recommended for those split prone yarns and it worked perfectly. Both hooks are lightweight, easy to use, and great on the hands.

Do I think it made a difference in my crochet and hand fatigue?


The square shape was easy to hold and felt quite…natural. I love a good wood hook, the metal ones bug me. I also don’t like the tactile feel of the letters/numbers on those metal hooks. Overall, I really like these hooks and plan on using them!