ZigZag Crochet: A Craftsy Class Review

So…lemme start right off and say that YES, Kim and I are online friends and we’ve known each other for some time…but this review was my own doing. She doesn’t even know that I’m doing it! Promise! I’m a member of Craftsy Unlimited…so I purchased it all by my lonesome and am giving you the unfiltered review of her class. Now…onto the review!

Zig Zag…Ripple…Wave…Chevron…whatever the heck you call it, we crocheters love it. The bright colors and undulating lines draw us in every time. Modern to classic, these patterns resurface every few years and we fall in love once more.

Zigzag Crochet:  A Beginner's Guide to Ripples & Waves

I’ve known Kim for a while, and in the years I’ve known her she’s taught me one thing above many…to be passionate about what I do. In her past Craftsy Classes, which can be viewed here, she’s shown crocheters of all skill levels that it’s easy as taking the first step. This class is no different.



In ZigZag Crochet: A Beginner’s Guide to Ripples & Waves, you’ll get access to six lessons:

  1. Basics of Zigzag – an in-depth overview of the ZigZag process including making peaks and valleys.
  2. Color Play – choosing colors, changing colors, and managing those tricky ends.
  3. Gauge (my fav lesson) – understanding gauge…it’s a lesson that is worth the cost of the class alone.
  4. Ripple Variations – how to alter those ZigZags to suit your needs.
  5. Pattern Variations – try new stitches and techniques for unique looks!
  6. Finishing Touches & Tips – everything you need to know to finish up.

Now, for the Knitty Gritty. The handouts are pretty great. They include both written and charted instructions, have high-quality photos, and include a pattern for a Classic Ripple Baby Blanket!

The instruction is top-notch and just what I would expect from a world-class instructor like Kim Werker.

Take a chance, take a step, and learn to ZigZag Crochet with Kim Werker!