Fun with FURLS – A New Sock CAL

I love a good sock CAL, don’t you?

Now, for those few of you out there that may not know, a CAL is a ‘Crochet – Along’ and essentially it just means you crochet at your own speed with a bunch of other crocheters who are working at their own speed! In the end, you have a beautiful project you’ve made AND hopefully made some friends along the way.

This month I’ve teamed up with Furls, who make some of the best high-quality crochet hooks around, to design a pattern that is perfect for beginners and advanced sock makers alike!

The Le Becque Socks


Before we chat about the socks let’s talk about why I love Furls crochet hooks first. Furls continues to make high end, high quality, crochet hooks year after year. Supporting the crochet community by elevating the tools we use. However, the hooks aren’t just pretty. They’re extremely practical as well.

My favorite is the Furls Odyssey.


While there may be pretty options on their website, this crochet hook called my name. It’s a perfect weight, well balanced, quick, and wonderfully ergonomic. All of that means I can crochet socks again and again and not get hand cramps!

Now…back to the crochet.


The Le Becque socks clock in at complete beginner ratings. These puppies are as easy to make as a hat. They actually feature a toe with increases much like a standard crochet hat, a simple all over half double crochet stitch, a short row heel, and some simple post stitch ribbing that is just for visual effect (y’all know that stuff doesn’t hold up your socks for nothin’).

They are worked from the toe up, in joined rounds, which does present a seam but it is pretty well hidden.

I love these socks. I think they look gorgeous in Tilting Plante Yarns, the colorway is Mochi…and goodness is it gorgeous!


You’ll need to head to the Furls Blog here to get the full list of supplies and watch there for the remaining blog posts which will feature the full pattern and all of that good stuff. Head to the Fun with Furls Facebook Group to join us and get help along the way! I’ll be checking in each day around 9am to see how everyone is doing!

We will get started on the Le Becque socks next week, we will begin with the toe on Monday, January 15, move on to the foot and heel on Monday, January 22, and finish up with the leg and cuff on Monday, January 29.

You can grab your supplies, listed below and enter our January CAL giveaway below!

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We’ll see you next week!!!