Black Friday Starts Today!

You Get A Sale And You Get A Sale InstaSo, here’s the deal. I’m going to be shopping on Black Friday like most of yall! That means our Black Friday Sale will happen today!!

Head to my store and use the coupon code 10off10 for $10 off your Purchase of $10 or more!

Seriously…that’s all there is to it. All patterns are included. From socks to scarves to sweaters to cowls. You name it, I’ve probably got a pattern for it. Ebooks and Collections are also included.

This deal will last until 12pm tomorrow Wednesday, November 22, 2017!

Remember you have to place $10 into your cart, then apply the coupon code, for it to work. If you have any issues simply comment below!

One thought on “Black Friday Starts Today!

  1. i’ve for two patterns , $10.50 total, and it lets me enter the coupon code, but it doesn’t take anything off the total…it still shows $10.50, and so i figured maybe when i checkout..nope, still shows the total as $10.50….i had this happen before when you did this offer… 😦

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