You have enough hats.

A hat is easy to crochet and, most likely, was the first thing you attempted after you learn to crochet.

After 1…2…4…8…

Move on.

I might be a bit controversial but hear me out.

Crochet is amazing. There are literally thousands of things you can make. If you just challenge yourself.

For years I only wanted to crochet hats. I didn’t want to bother with learning different stitches, reading patterns, or doing anything more than what I had. I enjoyed it, it was fun, and I got a lot out of it.

Then…one day…I learned to work a post stitch. Then I learned to crochet lace. Then I learned to make a purse. Then a tote bag. Then a scarf. Then a shawl. THEN A SWEATER.

My confidence skyrocketed and I was making all the things I could. Trying all the yarn I could.

I wanted to crochet everything.

I began making gifts for everyone. Not just the same hat in a different color but personalized gifts that they would love. Seeing the look on their faces and actually using what I made them…it was incredible.

Sure it hurt when they washed the 100% wool hat and it shrunk to the size of a newborn. You know what? That just meant I got to make something else AND there was a hat for a new member of the family.

So, crochet a sweater. Make socks. Do something out of your comfort zone and tuck in. Remember, you’re going to make mistakes (it’s natural) and you might hate it at some point (hell I hate every sweater I make when I’m at the 80% mark) BUT you’ll love the final product and the enormous sense of achievement you feel.

xoxo, Rohn