The Ultimate Sock Crocheting Kit

If sock crocheting is your passion that you definitely need an Ultimate Sock Crocheting Kit, filled with all the best tools of the trade. From different size hooks (to make sure you always reach gauge) to clever tools, groundbreaking books, and a bag to keep everything in one place, below you’ll find everything you need to become a sock-making genius!

1. Hooks – The best hooks for crocheting socks, in my humble opinion, are from Skacel. The Addi crochet hooks come in a variety of sizes AND you can choose between a standard hook and an ergonomic style hook.

I recommend keeping a collection of at least four sized in your bag at all times, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.25mm, and 3.5mm. This should make sure all bases are covered. One thing to keep in mind, I listed the MM measurement here, letter sizes are not an accurate way to measure your hooks. In fact, if you are like me, shop according to mm size, anything other is not a scientific nor reliable measurement.

2. Sock Blockers – Sock blockers allow your socks to hang dry without losing shape. While they’re not necessary they are a great feature to have on hand. Especially if you’re one of those people (like me) who take photos for Instagram all the time.


Sock blockers are typically made out of plastic (as above) or wood. I find the plastic are a bit better at drying. The wood, however, is a lot nicer in overall appeal.

3. Sock Book – I’m a bit biased here but I recommend my book, Step Into Crochet, which can be purchased for just $22.99 at this link. A great reference book is perfect to have on hand and can only make the process that much easier.


While pattern books are great, you definitely need something with a bit of meat on it. Step into Crochet is definitely your guide to perfect fitting crochet socks.

4. Split Ring Stitch Markers – These are invaluable. I keep as many on hand as I possibly can. I’ll be honest – I lose them all the time. So, having extras on hand means that I never have to worry one bit.


They help you keep your place for the beginning of the round, allow you to mark out stitch pattern repeats for complicated patterns, and help you keep progress on those endless knee socks.

5. Bent Tip Tapestry Needle – I think this is a bit obvious. Maybe not. You need these to weave in ends. That’s pretty much it.


6 – Project Bag – A project bag is a must. It helps keep everything organized and (if you’re like me) the dog hair off your amazing yarn.


My bag is from Coastal Hillbilly. If you’re not a fur/leather person then this might not be your jam…but there are literally thousands of bags to choose from.

I hope this helps yall craft your own ultimate sock crocheting kit! If you have any questions (or recommendations) make sure to comment below! Is there anything that I missed?

xoxo, Rohn