It’s Time for a Change…

Last week I decided that it was time for a change. Nothing drastic but a change nonetheless.

What was that change?

Well, I wanted to finally get to re-editing all my patterns and putting them in my new fancy layout. Which everyone seems to really love.

You see, when I was a fresh designer on the scene, I didn’t know what a technical editor or graphic designer was. Nor did I know how important they were.

That means I have a whole bunch of patterns to work my way through. I’ve made it through two – of the over 250 designs I currently have published. The goal – one a day. For the next year. Beginning with my oldest and working my way up to the most recent.

I’m really hoping all of you love the new changes you’ll see from Rohn Strong Designs in the coming months.

Now, I’m off to crochet!

xoxo, Rohn


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