Winter sucks. It sucks. I hate it.

Yeah, whatever. I live in the south. We aren’t made for snow. Never have been. Never will be. I’ve not been a southerner my entire life but after 7 years in this glorious place, I can officially say I’m a southerner.

This last week we got our annual winter storm.

I say annual because we get one. Just one. It comes at various points throughout the year but it never fails to happen.

This time was bad. Not as bad as previous years but bad enough. We essentially were shut down as a city for a few days. We’re just now getting back on track. Though I fell on my way to the mailbox this morning, that was fun. Who knew crocs and ice didn’t mix?

There’ve been lots of new and exciting changes happening over here at RS Headquarters. At the end of this month we will be moving into a new location, which means I’ve been packing up a whole lot of yarn and samples. The new place will have a great big studio/office space that doesn’t intrude on my personal living quarters AND it’ll have a gas stove. Which I know has nothing to do with knitting or crochet BUT y’all know I love to cook up a storm.

Speaking of knitting and crochet, I’m going to need your guys help.

I think we need to crochet/knit to convince Spring to show up. I’m tired of waiting around on him. He’s like that friend that borrows money and then you never see again. I want MY SPRING. GIVE ME SPRING.

So, lets crochet and knit some shawls? How’s that sound? I’ve compiled a list of shawls that I think would be particularly convincing AND if you use the coupon code, WINTERSUCKS, you’ll get 25% off every one of my shawl patterns.


Here are the links (beginning at the top left to bottom right)

Antietam (knit)

Fuente (knit)

Echeveria (crochet)

Crimson Brocade (crochet)

Winding Stitches Shawl (crochet)

So even though winter sucks. Let’s make shawls. Spring will be here soon enough!