A Year In Review-ish


This year has been something of a roller coaster. From losing my mother in law this time last year, to gaining an extra mouth to feed, filming a craftsy class, writing a book, and designing full time…I think I am just now seeing the trees through the forest.

Is that how the saying goes?

Anyways, I always like to take a look back at the year and see how things have changed. To see how everything worked out (or didn’t). What better day than today?

With the death of my MIL, brought a new set of challenges but it also brought a renewed focus to my life. I realized just how short life was and how insane it can be at times.

To say that the death was life altering, is true in more ways than one.

After the death and subsequent events, I filmed my class Learn to Crochet Socks and Learn to Crochet Easy Hats. Both of which are incredibly successful over on the Annie’s website.

I wrote (well am still writing) my book with Interweave, Step Into Crochet, and love that process. If I could just write one book a year, I would be as happy as a clam.
I also managed to fit in a few new designs, launched a sock club, a popular crochet sock group on Facebook, as well taught around the country.

Craftsy called and I filmed a class with them, which also focuses on crochet socks.

Then I decided to shift my focus and go to school to study scientific illustration and native plants in hopes to bring awareness to the dwindling cactus population. Which you will be able to read about more on my soon to be launched blog and website.

With all that going on, what did I learn?

To relax.

This year taught me that I am a bit too uptight when it comes to certain things. Foremost my personal life. That, however, is another story.

I learned to not get too stressed out about my designs being perfect or about finding the next cutting edge thing.

Now I let life happen and I embrace everything as a moment in time. Perfection is a great goal to strive for but not something I need to waist my time stressing out about.

All in all it has been a revolutionary year, and I look forward to the next.