Summer Socks are Super + Giveaway!

Socks. Socks. Socks.

Everything I do lately is somehow related to socks…I think I’m addicted! Send help…or just sock yarn. Either way…I’m ready!

This week I have a NEW-ish sock pattern! The Seaside Shells Socks.


Why new-ish? Well, it was published as part of my Greenway MCAL, but you had to choose just the right options to get this exact sock AND I loved it so much I just decided it needed to be its own pattern with its own yarn and that would be that.

So, here’s the Seaside Shells Socks!

The socks are worked toe up with a star toe (comfy as all get out), a strong heel (comfier as all get out) and a single crochet ribbed cuff (comfiest as all get out). The all over shell lace stitch is easy to work and super stretchy.

The heel is something I’m REALLY happy with. I wasn’t sure if it would work…and for a minute it didn’t. Then it did. I’m beyond happy.

Seaside Shells are already getting a lot of love on Ravelry and Craftsy where you can purchase the pattern for just $4.50 a whole $1.00 off the retail price. I’m a sweetie pie like that.

If you have any doubts that crochet socks are pretty, summery, and comfy…these will change your mind. I hope.

Grab your copy of the pattern today and crochet on!

Comment on this post to win a copy of this pattern! I’ll be choosing the winner next week…when I have ANOTHER PATTERN FOR YOU ALL!


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