My Current Colored Pencil Painting!


Lately I’ve been consumed with this piece. I found the inspiration photo on Instagram and immediately fell in love. I didn’t even care that I really am not good enough to attempt a painting such as this BUT I threw caution to the wind and started going.

It started with a basic outline. This took a few tries because the first I pressed a bit too hard on the paper causing deep trenches to form. The second try was a success and I went forward. Oh…and for those of you wondering I used a grid method of transferring.

You can see a faint outline.

Next I formed my palette. This took a few days. I wasn’t quite sure what colors to go with but after a few layers I finally found something I liked. You can see most of the process below. I even dew a petal to test the colors and LOVED the way it turned out. However, that hasn’t translated well to the painting. Which I’m hoping a few more layers will help change.


The process to get to where I am right now (photo from above) has taken about two weeks. I’ve been taking a really long time, trying to make sure each petal is just perfect. However, because I jumped in so quickly I totally didn’t catch the memo to work a flower from the inside out to maintain unity. Nope. I just went a bit haphazardly. That’s how I role.


I’ve been taking a few days out of the week to work on this but am going to start trying to focus on it every night. Overall, I am in love with how it looks and excited to continue. I am loving how it forces me to stay focused. My mind can relax.

I’m not like most. My mind can’t wander. When you have OCD focus is the only thing that seems to ease the anxiety. When the mind wanders you tend to follow the path which always leads to anxiety. Knitting and crochet used to give me that focus. Now, not so much. Painting, however, is doing that for me.

Here’s to focus!


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