Coloring Pages for the Pro

Written by Rohn Strong

I’m all about adding color to our lives and helping y’all do a little something every day with your hands. Whether that’s completing a huge project or a little DIY, using our hands to create something beautiful is exactly what the doctor orders.

Last week I was contacted by Blue Star Inspire! to see if I would like to hear about their new subscription service! After doing a bit of research I found out that Blue Star Coloring is the company behind some of the coloring worlds favorite coloring books including the HILARIOUS, Kiss My Sass: An Aunty Acid Coloring Book.

So, what is Blue Star Inspire?

It’s a ‘color anywhere, cancel anytime’ subscription service that sends high quality coloring pages right to your email each week. There are a few different subscription levels and currently they are offering a free 30 day subscription just to try it out!

Is it worth it?

If you love coloring…then yes!

We all know, by now, that coloring for adults is a great stress reliever. It’s been reported by every major news network and you can search #adultcoloring on any social media to see what an impact it is having.

What’s the benefit of print at home pages?

Simple. Sometimes I want to color but I want it on a higher quality paper that I can then frame. It is artwork after all! With the few images that Blue Star Inspire! sent over I was able to print them on Bristol Vellum, color, and then hang them on the wall!

I also have this weird thing about removing pages from a book…this solves that! LOL

Let’s get down to the brass tax, shall we?

  • Q) Are the images pretty?
    • They’ll change each week, I’m sure, but the images I received were gorgeous and eclectic.
  • Q) How’s the printing?
    • This will depend on your printer but the images are very high quality and resolution. The one image I chose for testing the print ended up awesome.
  • Q) What’s it cost?
    • There are three levels. Basic, Standard, and Premium and each varies in prices from Free to $5.99 respectively.
  • Q) What’s included with my subscription?
    • Head over here to see what your plan would include!

All in all I would totally recommend a subscription. For the cost of a cup of coffee you can get a number of images sent right to your inbox every week! That’s pretty awesome.

A special thanks to Blue Star Inspire! for contacting me and providing a few images for me to check out. I was not compensated financially for this review and all opinions are my own.                                

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