Weekly Roundup 5/2 – 5/6!

We made it to the weekend! Let’s get out of the house and spread some happiness…shall we?


I know…you’re as excited as I am! AND it just happens to be First Friday which is the best Friday of the month.

This week we had a ton of fun on the blog.

We started out the week with an interview with Sarah Eyre. Then I told you how I shop on just $50 a week for two people. After that I shared some cool tips on colored pencil drawing. We ended the week with our most popular post, a recipe for the only spice blend you’ll ever need!

Make sure to take a look at all the posts and shore them with your friends and family!

This week I am a bit obsessed with a couple of things. First up is a new biology book I bought. Not much to share there but I’m enamored with the fact that I am loving all the things I hated in High School.

The other thing I’m obsessed with is this new show on Hulu called, The Path. It is fricken fantastic! I’ve watched every episode and literally hang off the edge of my seat waiting for the next.

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We’ll see y’all next week!