The Only Seasoning You’ll Ever Need!

When you eat clean, you have to learn to season the heck out of your food. It’s not that EVERYTHING tastes bad. It’s more that you need to flavor the food in different ways just to make sure you don’t get too bored.


This season mix is one that I use every single day. I put it on my eggs. I put it on my chicken. It works in cauliflower soup (recipe next week!) and on salad!

It is really simple to put together and makes about a half cup. Just be careful, it can be a bit spicy! It’s sooooo good though. So, so good!!


3 Tbsp Kosher Salt
2 Tbsp Cayenne Pepper
1 Tbsp Garlic Salt
2 Tbsp Italian Seasoning
1 Tbsp Herbes de Provence
2 Tbsp Coconut Sugar (or brown sugar)
1 Tbsp Mustard Powder
1 Tbsp Black Pepper

Mix all of this together and shake it up. Store it in an airtight container (I like a mason jar) for a few weeks. After that things can get a little muddled. Try it on chicken, pork, beef, tofu, salad, and even eggs!


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