Professional Yarn Dyeing at Home…an Interview

I’ve always believe, there are always a few people in this lifetime that you’re destined to meet. People who are placed in your path for one reason or another.

Sarah Eyre is that person.

Sarah and I met years ago when I was just getting started in this industry. She gave me a shot and believed in me. That little bit of belief gave me a boatload of hope and self-esteem.

Anyways…now that I’ve gushed for the last few moments…let’s get to the good stuff.

Sarah has a new Craftsy class out and y’all know how much I adore craftsy. When I heard she was doing a class, my heart sang. I couldn’t wait to see it and I emailed her asking if we could talk about it! She agreed and I’m SO excited and proud to have her on the blog today!

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Hey Sarah!

I LOVED your class. You are such an expert. I love your yarn and loved that this felt like I was in your studio…hanging out…learning all the tops and techniques you had to offer.

I wanted to ask you a few questions that came up as I was getting ready to watch the class, questions I always wonder but usually don’t get to ask instructors!

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1. Why did YOU want to teach this class?
“I was so excited to have the opportunity to teach this class! Teaching is such a privilege— I believe knowledge should be shared. After almost a decade of teaching students face- to- face, I’ve had the opportunity to see how playing with color enriches a fiber artist’s understanding of their craft. Even if a student doesn’t begin dyeing regularly after a class, having that understanding of their yarn or fiber, knowing how color and dyes work, that really helps them as a creator. I’m also happy to say that I’ve helped create new indie dyers, and it’s my secret hope in making this class to continue doing so- this community is my home, and bringing in new faces helps keep that home vibrant.”
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2. What do you hope students will learn? 
“The class is set up with the idea that a beginner could use it as a jumping- off point, but there’s enough information in here that it’s useful for intermediate level home dyers and dabblers, too. I wanted to create a class that would be helpful to a wide variety of home- dyers, from complete newbies to the folks who had done some playing around in the medium but might want some more information before really getting into it, as well as a refresher for anyone who might have taken some formal classes. It’s accessible: everything comes in bite- sized pieces so a student doesn’t get too much at once, but if you’re already familiar with some of the material, you can also get to exactly the chapter that has what you need, too. 
I’m also hoping- and this is such a personal subject for me- that students will be able to let go of the idea of perfection and really play with color and texture when they take my class. This medium is messy, a little smelly, and absolutely joyful— we make explosions of tactile color. Hand- dyeing is unpredictable and even though the results are very frequently repeatable, it’s not possible to make identical skeins in speckled or variegated yarns— we just aren’t machines. Doing that work is great in helping us learn to be comfortable with unpredictability in our art. As adults, this is such a wonderful place to re- learn how to be an artist and to un- learn a lot of negative self- talk that we may have picked up about creating along the way.”
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3. Will we see more classes from you in the future?
“Oh, I really do think so: I have a lot more to say on this subject, and students are asking such great questions! There is only so much that can be fit into 6 lessons/ two hours- especially when you’re trying to cover the basics, like safety and dyeing 101. There are some intermediate, natural, and advanced techniques I would LOVE to share with students in this format, and the folks over at Craftsy are a joy to work with. I just need to catch my breath a little first! “
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Thanks for joining us today Sarah! It was a PLEASURE to have you on the blog! I know all my readers will feel the same way!
Now a special little something for y’all! Sarah has offered a 50% off coupon for y’all! That means you can take the class for less than $15.00! I mean…what a steal. What do you get for $15?
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You’ll get almost 2 full hours of hands on, expert instruction by one of the best dyers I know. You’ll learn how to set yourself up for success by setting up your dye space, choose materials, and prepare your yarn! Then you’ll get into creating your own custom yarn. Along the way, Sarah is right there to help you out. Sharing tips and techniques. By the end of class, you’ll be able to safely create vibrant yarns at home. How awesome is that?
I hope y’all will consider taking this amazing class from Sarah! I mean…who wouldn’t want to learn Professional Yarn Dyeing at Home?

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