A New Mystery Crochet Along

Each year I host a fun and exciting Mystery – Along. I usually alternate between knitting and crochet to let all of y’all have a little something! Not that it always goes as planned.

Well…its that time of year!


Here are the previous years Mystery Along’s:

Roseroot (knitting)

Fall Garden (crochet)

Modern Granny Shawl (crochet)

Spring Thaw (crochet)

Josephine (knitting)


This year is all about crochet! And Because I am something of a crochet sock expert (or addict…depending on how you look at it) I decided socks were the way to go!


Here are some of the details:

The full pattern can be purchased here!

I’ve teamed up with Happily Hooked Magazine once again to bring you a fantastic spring pattern to get those crochet juices flowing and to inspire.

This time, things are going to be a bit different. What do I mean? Well, you will be the designer! Yup! We are FINALLY hosting a Choose Your Own Adventure Mystery Crochet Along! WOOHOO!

What’s that mean? Well, each week you’ll get two options to follow, A or B! You make the decision and then crochet away! I will walk you through everything you need to know with my expert crochet sock instruction.

Make sure you join the Facebook Group here to get one on one access with me!

What do I get?
You will receive the full pattern on May 16t with the release of the final update. When purchasing before the start date of May 2nd you will not receive a pattern, the download is just an outline of the schedule, yardage and gauge.

The pattern will be written out, charts will be provided if needed but the stitches we use don’t necessarily need charts.

Get started on May 2nd when the first clues are delivered, in the meantime have fun picking out your yarn and swatching.

When will I get the next clue?

The schedule for clues is as follows:

May 2nd – Clue 1
May 5th – Clue 2
May 9th – Clue 3
May 12th – Clue 4
May 16th – Clue 5

You’ll receive a PM in your Ravelry inbox and an email when the update is ready to download (you need to turn on Ravelry messages if you have them turned off because they aren’t subject to spam filters the way email is). Be aware that when I initiate an update it enters a queue and can take several hours before they all arrive. Please be patient when you see that the first people have received theirs, yours is on the way!

What yarn should I use?
I’ve listed the recommended yarn with links to purchase. I’ve taken care to choose hard wearing and affordable yarns that work with these socks perfectly. However, you can choose whichever yarn you want, as long as you get gauge.

Should I swatch?
Yes, but just because this is a sock that you need to make sure fits you and your measurements. If you match the general gauge I am giving you, you’ll be set.

Sharing the Adventure
I LOVE seeing all of your finished projects. So, head on over to Facebook and join this group. We’ll be chatting LIVE each day to announce the new clue and help y’all with any questions that may come up.

How difficult is it?
If you can single and double crochet, you’re good. The overall patterns aren’t that difficult at all, with just a bit of decreasing and increasing.

Not Sure About A MCAL?
The mystery format might not be for you and that’s ok, but here are answers to a couple of common areas of pickiness. I don’t want to give too much of the design away but there are a couple of options for each sock, one more feminine and one more masculine. But these socks can even be made in plain Extended Single Crochet if you wanted! The overall socks are very in tune with who I am as a designer. Classic with a fun and flirty contemporary spin.

Keeping It a Mystery
This Mystery CAL will move along at a nice clip. With that in mind, we don’t really need to be too worried about this! Share away!

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