A Craftsy Class Roundup!

Are you a #craftsystudent?

Yes? No?

No matter if you are or not, today I want to bring to y’all a collection of classes I’ve recently taken on Craftsy. I’ve watched each of these classes and put the information within to work…and I can tell you I was not disappointed. Not once. Click on the Class Titles to be taken to Craftsy to learn more info on these classes!

Colored Pencil Essentials with Susan Rubin – Many of you may not know that I am a fledging botanical artist. I’m a huge fan of Susan Rubin and jumped on this class as soon as I saw it. You’ll learn the basic of colored pencils as a medium but also some other great tips/techniques. Susan is a superb instructor.


Luminous Landscapes in Graphite and Colored Pencil – I met Amy when I was filming my own Craftsy class. She is a great instructor and incredibly talented. This class was beyond interesting to watch and packed full of information about everything from clay board to painting with graphite. I loved it!


Cook More, Weigh Less – Many of you know I’ve lost over 125lbs and I will stand firm that no matter how much you exercise, what you eat matters most. This class brought to you by Alison Task is one of the best I’ve seen. It will teach you the in’s and out’s of healthy cooking which always leads to a healthy life. And who knows…maybe you’ll lose a few pounds in the process!


Latin American Street Food – I am a HUGE fan of Latin American food. I eat it at least 3-4 times a week and often am searching for new and innovative ways to add it to my diet. Recently I enrolled in this class and learned the secret to making one of my favorite foods – Arepas. Suffice it to say…I’ve been eating them. A lot.


Sweater Modifications for a Custom Fit – I think every knitter (and crocheter) knows Amy Herzog and her groundbreaking approach to sweater design. This class is a refresher course, of sorts, to sweater mods that lead to a custom fit. The great thing is, most of the information can be applied (in theory at least) to crochet as well! I encourage all makers to sign up for this class and take advantage of Amy’s wealth of knowledge.