Toasted Spaghetti Kindonara

I know…two pasta dishes in one week. Here me out…it’s worth it.

I have this thing for Spaghetti Carbonara. Like…a big thing. A few years ago…well more than a few…a friend made this dish for me. It was my first time eating something so good. I ran home to made it myself and was just as satisfied.

Maybe that’s what pushed me to 450 pounds! HA!

I mean…pasta is one of those things that just makes my knees week and mouth water. I get that little ting in the back of my jaw when I taste it. The salty and savory and buttery noodles slipping past my lips and delighting my tastebuds.

Can you tell I’m on a Juice Cleanse? I’m talking about food like we’re dating.

Anyways, this dish right here is a healthier take on Carbonara. What I like to call Kindonara. A healthier spin that is still full of flavor.


Carbonara is essentially an egg, bacon, and cheese sandwich…but in pasta form. My version is more like an egg, onion, and breadcrumb sandwich but in pasta form.


It’s a thing. Jump on the boat.


The real winner? Well…the toasted spaghetti. Yup. TOASTED SPAGHETTI. Trust me, you’ll never have pasta the same way again. Toast that stuff in butter, cook it in chicken broth, go to town.


So, is this clean and healthy? Technically…yes…but on the real? I wouldn’t go to town on a whole bowl of this by yourself. The recipe feeds 6-8 people, and with over 1/2 stick of butter it could be a bit healthier. This is for those indulgent times where you need a little something to feel comforted. You know? Like a Monday.

Download the recipe for Toasted Spaghetti Kindonara!